US Fleet Tracking Teams With SP Plus Gameday at RNC

All the action at the Republican National Convention won't exist within the confines of the Tampa Bay Times Forum when a record number of participants gather next week.

With 2,286 delegates and 2,125 alternate delegates from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories gathering, the need for a cohesive effort in handling all the logistics of transport are great. The essential nature of accuracy, safety and timeliness finds US Fleet Tracking once again teaming with SP Plus Gameday on a grand scale.
“US Fleet Tracking and Gameday have collaborated many times, and the Republican National Convention represents another milestone for our partnership” said Robert Gonse, VP/software development for US Fleet Tracking. “Gameday employs more than 500 of our units for the Convention. From security, to location of vehicle and personnel transport, we team to bring all the tracking information needed to one central hub.”
US Fleet Tracking's Live GPS tracking devices make everyone's work, and ability to work together, easier. The programming code was specifically tailored to fit Gameday's every need at the RNC, and for weeks before the four-day event, Gonse and his team have been working hand-in-hand with Gameday staffers to ensure everyone's ready before, during, and after the lights go on.

“From giving turn-by-turn directions, to weather indications, to knowing exactly where each vehicle is at any moment, our devices will handle many duties at the RNC, and we have staff on-site to facilitate its' use” said Gonse. “Our clients-of any size-can be assured they have the tools they need to empower their staff and handle any tasks that arise.”
Gameday has implemented US Fleet Tracking GPS tracking services at marquis events such as multiple Super Bowls and the 2010 Winter Olympics.
US Fleet Tracking CEO and founder Jerry Hunter is the original developer of the company’s GPS tracking web-based platform. With US Fleet Tracking selected as the vehicle tracking product of choice at the past six Super Bowls, the 2010 Winter Olympics and countless other venues, Hunter’s devices have established a reputation as the fastest and most reliable in the industry.


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