Sony Hybrid Solutions Selected for Florida Correctional Facility

In Central Florida, a correctional facility is upgrading its coax‐based analog video surveillance system with a Sony IPELA HYBRID solution. The 165‐cameras with receiver units were selected for their unique ability to simultaneously deliver HD IP and SD analog streams over existing coax infrastructures. The installation and integration is scheduled to begin in October.

The Sony Hybrid solution's dual‐stream capabilities can help organizations realize extraordinary improvements from their legacy analog equipment, while minimizing the downtime, effort and interruptions with facility operations typically required for such a retrofit.

"This is a great example of Sony IPELA HYBRIDTM solutions tackling real‐world challenges for clients in ways that previous technology could not," said Mark Collett, General Manager, Sony Security Systems Division.

SiteSecure Inc., a security system integrator and engineering firm and a Sony Security Preferred Reseller (SSPR) based in Sanford, Fla., and The Tronex Group of Florida, a Sony manufacturer's rep firm based in Sorrento, Fla., discovered the power of Sony Hybrid Solutions while laying out the proposal for the correctional facility.

"When we first heard about this new category of surveillance video products, we didn't fully appreciate the significance of simultaneous SD analog and HD IP capabilities," said Andy Bowman, Vice President, SiteSecure. "Now that we've seen the practical realities of how Sony Hybrid operates in the field, we understand how this fundamentally changes the way analog customers should migrate to HD."

Bowman noted that the ability to install cameras that continue to stream analog video and then to add HD IP on top of that transforms the installation workflow. Bowman added that system downtime is essentially eliminated, and the manpower costs are cut significantly. The correctional facility can save on staff costs, too, since less time is spent escorting the installation team.

For John Loscalzo, The Tronex Group's principal, his first experience with Sony Hybrid clearly demonstrated the potential opportunities this new category of security products presents. "Sony Hybrid changes the analog/IP equation," he said. "We're just waking up to what this means for everyone involved in our industry. It feeds a huge need for customers, and that's a great way to grow the business."

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