Now That's a Tradeshow

Maybe starting a tradeshow on a Monday isn't the best idea, but Day Two of ASIS looked like a whooping success. Exhibitors bring their "A Game" for the second day and there seemed liked plenty of attendees to go around.

I know I had to fight my way through the throngs of people in the isles to get from one side of the floor to another. I like that.

Let me share with you some very innovative products that have hit the market recently, or are about to become available.

The company has unveiled new camera lines by focusing on key vertical markets with products designed specifically for where market success continues to be the greatest. Their new IQeye Alliance-mini dome series has the worlds smallest HD megapixel varifocal lends, H.264 compression and direct to storage feature. Not a bad deal with a five year warranty.

Sony Electronics
The company unveiled its EX series IP cameras, the first based on the IPELA ENGINE platform and part of Sony's V Series. Designed to deliver advances in dynamic range, frame capture speed and low‐light performance for demanding imaging applications in the mid‐to‐high level of the video surveillance marketplace, the six new IPELA ENGINE EX cameras represent a new breed of IP cameras. In addition to setting new levels of camera performance, the unique IPELA ENGINE EX architecture allows for unprecedented flexibility.

Axis Communications
The company makes great cameras. That's a given but you should take a moment to check out their lightfinder technology. It will convince you that the grass is still green evening night hours and the sky is still blue.

A day and night camera is designed to be used in outdoor installations or in indoor environments with poor lighting. A day and night, color network camera delivers color images during the day. As light diminishes, the camera can automatically switch to night mode to make use of near infrared (IR) light to deliver black and white images. Maintaining image sharpness and low noise, particularly in varying outdoor lighting conditions, has proved challenging.

Axis Communications' research and development have led to the introduction of Lightfinder technology. The Lightfinder technology is the result of a meticulous choice of the right sensor and the right lens, together with the elaboration of the image data coming from the combination of sensor and lens. The fusion of these factors -- sensor, lens, in-house chip development and knowledge in image processing -- provides network cameras incorporating this technology with outstanding performance.

Pivot3 Inc.
The company is announcing its new vSTAC VDI appliances that provides both compute functionality for running video management software and shared storage resources needed for the client operating system and VMS client application software. By centralizing VMS clients, security directors can limit access to video, restrict unauthorized recording, transferring of video content to external devices and limit access to network applications.

On the Show Floor Today
I ran into Steve Van Till, Brivo, who still has his head in the clouds. Van Till offers an "In the Cloud" seminar series and he says, that cloud computing made him realize that it has arrived; it has been around since the Internet. That was 2001.

"Global companies are looking for one provider who can deliver one standard solution," said Renae Leary, senior director of global accounts, Tyco International. "This makes common sense to me. It can't be done in a haphazard way but a system that works in the U.S. office and if offices worldwide." In the coming months, I hope to be bringing you a story about the Tyco global accounts efforts. I think it is an interesting story and will appear in our print edition of Security Products magazine.

This Will Make You Think
"If you go to an electronics store today, they only have one analog tube TV left in the entire place, and it's in the security office," said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications.

Think about that. Why would you compromise security over poor quality images.

Take just a second to pause this morning and remember those valiant citizens who were victims of 9/11, 11 years ago. As I completed my thoughts in this column last night, I remembered it was an anniversary day. Remember those who gave, those who continue to give unselfishly so that we can enjoy the freedoms in this great country.

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