Stanley Security Launches ‘Eye-Catching’ Biometric System

ASIS 2012 in Philadelphia last week was a showcase for the latest and greatest in security technology and equipment. In retrospect, one of the coolest and cutting-edgiest product launches we were privy to -- and there were many, as there are every year -- was the new EyeSwipe Nano TS from Stanley Security Solutions.

Joining Stanley’s portfolio of EyeLock iris biometric identity authentication solutions, they EyeSwipe Nano TS provides real-time iris capture -- at a distance and in motion. It is designed to meet the needs of a turnstile or other rapid-throughput environment and thus is equipped with a broad capture range for enhanced ease of use at relatively high speeds. The system also includes an integrated card reader to support legacy users and provide them a smooth transition to iris-based technology. According to Blaine Frederick, Stanley’s product manager for Biometrics and Integration, the EyeSwipe can store 10,000 records in memory and larger databases can be supported remotely over a network. The system offers connection via Wiegand, F/2/F, Relay and Ethernet for simple integration with all existing platforms.

Stanley also used ASIS 2012 as the occasion to introduce its ION cloud-based management system, which, as its name implies, is a system that uses the cloud as a simple way for users to manage transactions while avoiding lost cards, forgotten pins, anonymous keypad entries and unhygienic fingerprint readers. Through Web-portal software, ION allows managers to track time, attendance, employees and activity. All via the Internet, the patented software enables transit attendance and verification systems, inventory, access control and virtual system management. Because the system is Web-based, customers avoid the costs of managing onsite servers and software updates.

“The rapid pace of technology defines the lives of this generation and how they view and manage their security,” Frederick said. “What we’ve provided not only keeps with that pace but consistently exceeds growing expectations.”

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Ronnie Rittenberry is print managing editor for Security Products and Occupational Health and Safety magazines.

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