IBM Announces Variety of New Software and Products

IBM has announced new security software to help secure data and identities, and to reduce security inhibitors that organizations face in implementing mobile, cloud, and big data initiatives.

IBM’s new software capabilities help clients better maintain security control over mobile devices, mitigate internal and external threats, reduce security risks in cloud environments, expand database security to gain real-time insights into big data environments such as Hadoop, and automate compliance and data security management. This set of scalable capabilities supports a holistic, proactive approach to security threats spanning people, data, applications and infrastructure.

In order to create this new software, executives identified IT risks that included date thieves and the use of emerging technologies of mobile, cloud, and social media. The new products and software IBM announced today help organize and deliver security for secure cloud and mobile computing, and big data.

Mobile Security Framework

According to Kevin Skapinetz, Program Director, Product Strategy, IBM Security Systems, IBM’s Mobile Security Framework is made up of three tiers: devices, access, and web servers and infrastructure.

“Using all three tiers, all applications are secure and essentially creates security intelligence for mobile devices,” Skapinetz stated.

IBM mobile security solutions offer greater context aware access control for mobile users, improved mobile threat protection, and enhanced mobile device control. This framework now helps protect against malicious and unintentional security breaches from any device at any time.

Cloud Security

IBM has announced security portfolio enhancements in order to face the new challenges for enterprise security that cloud computing can present. These improvements allow increased automation levels, patch managements, and prevent unauthorized access to defend against the latest threats.

“With the new Identity Management, corporations can use digital records of their employees within the cloud infrastructure securely,” Skapinetz said.

IBM announced end-to-end mainframe security administration, policy enforcement, real-time alerts, audit reporting through integration with our security intelligence solutions. The mainframe offers an industry leading Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 5+ (EAL 5+) certification for logical partitions, providing a platform for consolidating systems, protecting private clouds, and securing virtualized environments with enhanced IBM Security zSecure to automate auditing, enforce security policy, and simplify administration. The mainframe continues to provide the most secure platform for hosting mission critical applications and data.

Security for Data Environments

As information grows in volume, variety, and velocity, organizations are looking beyond relational data sources to find insights, to make your business more agile and to answer questions that were previously considered beyond your reach. At the same time, as organizations ingest more data, they face significant risks across a complex threat landscape. In addition, they are subject to a growing number of compliance regulations. Traditional approaches to data protection are sometimes unable to meet these requirements.

Skapinetz said, “InfoSphere Guardiam expanded to include non-traditional databases.”

InfoSphere Guardium provides real time monitoring and automated compliance reporting for Hadoop-based systems such as InfoSphere BigInsights and Cloudera. With federated controls across data sources, clients will understand data and application access patterns, prevent data leakage and enforce data change controls. Built in audit reporting can be used to generate compliance reports on a scheduled basis, distribute them to oversight teams for electronic sign-offs and escalation and document the results of remediation activities. Organizations can also automate the detection of database vulnerabilities and suggest prioritized remedial actions across heterogeneous infrastructures.

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