Breaking News: Texas A&M Evacuated Following Bomb Threat

A “Code Maroon” message issued by Texas A&M University has urged students and faculty to evacuate the campus following a bomb threat. Classes have been canceled for the remainder of the day.

Little is known about the nature of the threat so far, although it was directed towards the campus in general around 11:34 a.m. The “Code Maroon” message told students, faculty, and staff to evacuate campus by foot – instead of by using their vehicles. 

The college’s website posted this latest update: “Investigation of threat continues. No additional information available at this time. Continue to avoid campus. 12:52p.m.”

Just yesterday, parts of the University of Texas in San Marcos were evacuated due to a bomb threat. 

Update: After a building-by-building search, campus police reopened campus late Friday afternoon, allowing students to retrieve personal items and their cars. Evening activities were conducted as scheduled. 

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