Phoenix Manufacturing Company Makes Mobile Surveillance Integral Component of Campus Security System

MobileCamViewer application from mobiDEOS accelerates return on investment for company.

Phoenix-based company Dolphin Precision Investment Castings produces a variety of products for aerospace, military, medical, petrochemical and other industries. The sheer volume of product manufacturing, shipments and deliveries across the 13-acre, multi-building campus makes around-the-clock security and surveillance a requirement.

The company’s castings are based on alloys formed using aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, bronze and other expensive metals. Its campus-wide security system now covers everything from access control to perimeter detection to protect their interests — with MobileCamViewer software from mobiDEOS fulfilling all mobile surveillance and remote monitoring needs.

The company recently cancelled a physical on-site guard contract in favor of the multi-faceted security system, which includes a fixed IC Real Time solution (16 cameras and a DVR) at its core. IC Real Time recommended MobileCamViewer for remote monitoring during non-business hours to further reduce costs and expedite return on investment.

Richins notes that MobileCamViewer brings value by allowing his team to quickly evaluate potential security situations and decide whether to call police. The fixed security solution triggers one or two false alarms per month due to high winds, dust storms and flying birds picked up through motion activation sensors. The police department charge approximately $85 per false alarm, and the expenses can quickly mount.

“MobileCamViewer allows us to remotely check our cameras over our iPhone and Androids when we are contacted by the alarm company,” said Richins. “We can immediately confirm if there is enough evidence to call the police without having to be near a computer with an internet connection. With an average distance of 18 miles from our homes to the campus we are also eliminating many back and forth trips for no reason. Adding MobileCamViewer to the system has essentially allowed us to achieve return on investment within six months of the installation.”

Richins adds that their fixed cameras are positioned indoors and outdoors, focused on employee turnstiles, lobbies, loading docks, parking lots and general building perimeters. This allows them to get a view of everything that is happening throughout the most heavily trafficked campus areas, including breezeways between buildings.

“Mobile surveillance is very valuable in a campus setting with a lot of exposed areas in and around the buildings,” said Richins. “The cameras themselves offer a visual deterrent, but the signage that points to around-the-clock monitoring through remote surveillance goes a long way. I think it’s a very critical component of modern security systems.”

MobileCamViewer offers secure, reliable carrier-grade cell phone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions, providing “anytime, anywhere” mobile video surveillance for virtually every situation. Its compatibility across many smartphones, tablets, cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers — as well as simple integration with PC and MAC-based iOS systems — enables MobileCamViewer to comply with both new and existing network infrastructures. The basic MobileCamViewer application is free, with incremental costs for premium service users.

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