IQinVision and Prism Skylabs Sell More Orange Juice for SF Café

Prism’s sophisticated video analytics software uses IQeye HD megapixel images to create valuable intelligence.

IQinVision, market leader in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras, announced that The Creamery, located in San Francisco, has deployed IQeye HD megapixel cameras, along with software from Prism Skylabs to improve the customer experience at the cafe.

The Creamery, in San Francisco’s SoMa district, is well worth the long line you’ll find at the counter on sunny weekends. The work-weary abandon their nearby condos and cubicles for coffee, cold drinks, and an assortment of delicious foods—all under the watchful gaze of owner Ivor Bradley, who likes to stay on top of the details of his business.

Even when Bradley is nowhere near the café, he keeps an eye on customers and staff using his smartphone to view real-time images from the café’s several IQeye HD megapixel cameras.

“The mobile video lets me stand above the action,” Bradley observed. “It lets me read the crowd no matter where I am.”

Bradley uses his IQeye camera views to go well beyond standard security concerns. Recently, while monitoring the breakfast rush, Bradley noticed how people reaching the front of the line would frequently and awkwardly lean across the counter display and cut off other customers to get a cup of fresh orange juice. It happened again and again, and the busy staff didn’t notice. When Bradley himself worked at the counter, he never noticed either. Yet, it was very clear to see on his smartphone screen: his IQeye cameras saw what he and his staff could not. Once Bradley moved the juice closer to his customers, sales of OJ doubled and the line moved noticeably faster. He was on to something.

Retailers from small boutiques to Fortune 500 companies are using footage from security cameras to improve their marketing, operations and merchandising. As security cameras and software have become more sophisticated, more retailers are using them to understand shopper movement and preferences. Thanks to technology like the Prism Skylabs software Bradley uses at The Creamery, managers don’t have to watch hours of footage. Instead, they have access to video summaries, powerful analytics and big data-powered reports.

San Francisco-based Prism Skylabs transforms video into beautifully enhanced, privacy-protected imagery and visualizations that provide immediate understanding of any moment or time period.

“We turn video into something better,” said Prism Skylabs CEO and Founder Steve Russell. “We give employees throughout the organization the tools they need to understand their business and their customers.”

With Prism, employees from CEO to store manager are able to gain extraordinary insight about customer dwell time, movement, and occupancy, and even which products are picked up the most.

There’s no doubt that using surveillance camera video as a marketing tool is becoming more commonplace and effective. Even relatively small businesses like Bradley’s San Francisco café have discovered the power of smart, always-on IQeye megapixel cameras married with agile, easy-to-deploy Prism software.

“We see a very bright future in working together with Prism Skylabs,” commented Rob Ledenko, Executive VP at IQinVision. “The potential market just in retail alone is huge for translating clear video images of customer behavior into improved customer service and higher profits. The Prism Skylabs software is highly sophisticated and effective, but it is dependent on reliable, durable cameras with HD megapixel quality images so that the software can deliver the best, most actionable intelligence.”

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