Bayer’s Protective Facade Certified for U.S. Department of State Buildings

Hygard Sentinel high-performance blast-protection facade passes stringent ballistic and forced-entry resistance tests in order to become certified for U.S. Department of State buildings.

As threats continue to increase, the need for heightened security in government and diplomatic buildings is a high priority. At the same time, building planners must meet high standards while creating an attractive exterior appearance with limited budgets.

Bayer Material Science LLC’s Hygard Sentinel is an innovative blast, ballistic and forced-entry resistant façade system that can be adapted for specific project requirements to protect critically important buildings and other structures. Two versions of Hygard Sentinel were certified by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, which is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for U.S. diplomatic missions.

Hygard BL80 and Hygard BL80-GC8 successfully defended against a “15-minute” simulated forced entry assault. Hygard BL80-GC8 also met the Department of State’s high-level ballistics resistance requirements; Hygard BL80 can be used where only a UL3 level is required.

The Hygard Sentinel system can be added to existing buildings to avoid the high costs of relocating or building new, more secure structures. The system combines the aesthetics and impact resistance of Hygard polycarbonate laminate panels with a high-strength, energy-absorbing steel mounting structure.

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