Datawatch Systems Expands Facility in Houston

Tapped by ENI Petroleum, Datawatch Systems is expanding their facility in Houston to a 140,000-sq. ft. office space at 2 Allen Center.

Just one year after completing a comprehensive access control installation for the 3.2 million-square-foot Allen Center, Brookfield Properties’ office complex in downtown Houston, Datawatch Systems is expanding its services within the complex and other buildings in the city. Based on total square footage, Allen Center is one of the largest commercial complexes in Houston.

ENI Petroleum, an international oil and gas exploration and production company, occupying five floors (141,171 square feet) at 2 Allen Center, has just named Datawatch Systems as its access control provider for the company’s Houston office.

Access control contracts also were awarded to Datawatch Systems by Wedge Properties, which owns 1415 Louisiana, aka Wedge Tower (520,000 square feet), as well as Yorktown Plaza at 5353 and 5373 West Alabama (190,000 square-feet) in the Galleria area. With these latest contracts, Datawatch Systems’ secures more than 4.75 million square-feet of commercial space in the Houston market as of year-end 2012.

Datawatch Systems’ main focus in providing security at urban office buildings in Houston is founded on three core concepts: accessibility, accountability and affordability. Building owners, managers and tenants all value a streamlined access process that is reliable, while allowing flexibility as their needs change.

Datawatch is focused on meeting their customers’ needs in office markets nationwide, using an innovative approach that minimizes upfront capital expenditures, while significantly reducing ongoing operating expenses and maintaining the advantages of a true outsourced solution.

“Thanks to loyal clients like Brookfield and others, our business in Houston has grown by leaps and bounds since we entered this market back in 2011,” said William Peel III, CEO of Datawatch Systems. “We fully expect to accelerate our success in Houston, not to mention throughout other major cities in the nation, into the New Year.”

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