Integrators Profit With THRIVE Intelligence

THRIVE Intelligence, which provides advanced video security as a service, is also gaining notice for a unique recurring monthly revenue model that provides integrators with dependable, predictable income streams, and as a result, reduces the need for them to pursue one-time installation projects. Perhaps most appealing, integrators who sell THRIVE 360TM, the company’s end-to-end video surveillance solution, will receive a monthly revenue split for the life of the contract.

“THRIVE Intelligence has successfully combined leading-edge video surveillance equipment with state-of-the-art software in one user-friendly platform,” said Dean Wilson, CEO of THRIVE Intelligence. “Together with a first-of-its-kind revenue-sharing model for the video monitoring industry, we have created an unbeatable turnkey offering that not only satisfies the exploding demand for intelligent video security, but which also provides integrators with a previously unavailable source of recurring revenue.”

It Pays Now, and Later

The THRIVE Intelligence Partner Program pairs the company’s state-of-the-art camera-to-command center surveillance solution with certified integrators. The result is a network of “THRIVE-minded” system integrators and resellers who are skilled in delivering effective, cost-efficient edge-based analytics and intelligent security to their customers.

THRIVE offers both an Authorized and a Certified partnership level. Authorized partners receive a specific discount off MSRP for THRIVE products, while Certified partners enjoy a much larger discount in addition to other special benefits. Gaining Certified status requires participation in specialized online training designed to educate integrators on the technical details of the THRIVE product offering, thus enabling them to confidently and efficiently present solutions to their customers. Additional requirements for Certified status include signing a partnership agreement and providing sales forecasts and revenue commitments.

A brief example illustrates the power of THRIVE’s integrator offering, and how it benefits both the end customer and the integrator:

Consider a large apartment complex, spread over 34 acres in a high crime area. The complex management was spending approximately $20,000 per month on basic guard service.

THRIVE installed 55 cameras and developed specialized Presence Analytics for the complex, which had issues with individuals entering an Olympic-sized swimming pool after pool hours. Through live monitoring triggered by established time-defined analytics, THRIVE monitoring personnel can voice down and alert someone they are being monitored and are requested to leave the pool area. If they do not leave, police or other first responders are dispatched through THRIVE’s Command Center.

Additionally, Loitering Analytics now enable the client to combat dangerous drug activity. THRIVE’s Command Center is alerted when more than four people are gathered in known trouble spots and, once the situation is evaluated at the Command Center with a live view, first responders can be dispatched as needed.

The client was satisfied because in addition to the THRIVE solution saving them more than $180,000 annually on guard service, complex managers now receive much more real, actionable surveillance data to better serve their tenants and the community.

In such a scenario, there is also a strong reason for integrators to be greatly satisfied. First, they would receive a profit on the installation. With total installation of $110,000, and a cost of $88,000 for materials and labor, the integrator would receive $22,000.

More significantly, the integrator would enjoy an income stream over the life of the contract. The complex is paying THRIVE $60 per camera for remote monitoring service on the 55 cameras for a total of $3,300 per month. THRIVE pays the integrator a recurring revenue of $15 per camera per month. That is $825 per month for the life of the 5-year contract. The installation over those five years produces recurring revenue of $9,900 per year, or a total of nearly $50,000.

Integrators interested in learning more about THRIVE’s partner program and how they can collect recurring monthly revenue on video monitoring services can contact Rick Cook at 972-331-6903 or at

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