THRIVE Intelligence: A Solution for Campus Security

While THRIVE Intelligence ( is making an impact by providing video security as a service, its target market isn’t limited to standard business and residential end users. The strength of the THRIVE 360 Solution is how it provides a proactive service – one that can be effectively used in and around schools, deterring on-campus dangers with cost-effective, turnkey smart surveillance.

Prominent focus is now on school safety. With national tragedy at the forefront of everyone’s minds, administrators are looking to increase security measures in schools across the country, from close-knit communities to bustling urban areas. The THRIVE 360 Solution is step one in achieving secure campuses.

Most security systems are built around passive, stationary security cameras, but THRIVE 360 is not passive -- it’s a scalable, active intelligence system. Not only does THRIVE 360 allow administrators to view happenings in real time, but the system also allows them to set protocols for specific events so they’re alerted to potential security breaches as they arise. Protocols include presence detection for after-hours facility protection; appear/disappear detection for the stadium, cafeteria, and auditorium; admittance to authorized access-only areas; and much more.

These highly customizable options translate to effective prevention -- the thwarting of problems before they ever become emergencies.

“School administrators are expected to see ‘everything’ that goes on in their schools -- to protect our kids -- but we’re finding out that many of them just don’t have the advanced tools they need to monitor events in real time,” said Matt Antkowiak, Chief Intelligence Officer at THRIVE Intelligence. “The driving force behind what we do at THRIVE Intelligence is prevention, so we offer a security assessment for each school. Every school has different security concerns, and we’re determined to address those unique challenges proactively in order to protect who is inside each of those schools every day.”

Because campuses secured with THRIVE 360 are monitored by Security Intervention Specialists at the state-of-the-art THRIVE Intelligence Central Command Center, immediate dispatch of law enforcement is possible, should the need arise. Perimeter protection isn’t entirely dependent on those involved in a compromised situation, so in some cases -- for instance, the presence of a criminal trespasser or even an armed intruder -- the threat can be detected in real-time, and first responders dispatched immediately.

Integrators interested in learning more about THRIVE’s proactive campus security solution or those who would like to schedule a school security assessment for their customers by THRIVE’s Chief Intelligence Officer can contact Rick Cook at 972-331-6903 or

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