AES IntelliNet Announces Launch of Interactive Security Services

AES Corporation, dba AES-IntelliNet, is pleased to announce the launch of the first phase of its new Interactive Security Services. The new services, branded as SiteLink24, combine AES-IntelliNet’s timeless, mesh-radio technology for delivery of alarm and other critical signals with Interactive Services delivered via high-speed internet.
With an AES subscription to SiteLink24, customers can enjoy the best of both worlds: interactive services and Sunset-free communications. SiteLink24 offers the power to manage and remotely control home or office security systems from anywhere at any time through an Apple iOS, Google Android OS Smartphone or any personal computer with a web browser.
SiteLink24 is available as an option with the all-new 7650 Freedom Series subscribers product and as an upgrade module for existing AES subscribers. Unlike most other interactive service offerings on the market, the AES SiteLink24 Interactive Security Services are designed to work across multiple alarm panel brands beginning with select Honeywell Vista, First Alert, DSC Power Series, and UTC (GE) NetworX NX Series at the time of initial release. This list will expand with subsequent releases.

In order to use the new AES SiteLink24 suite of Interactive Security Services, an AES subscriber must be configured with the necessary capability. The AES products that enable a subscriber to access these services consist of the 7650-IPD1 and 7058E-IPD1 subscribers as well as the 7659-IPD1-R retro-fit, add-on module (for use with the AES-IntelliNet legacy models 7058E, 7450XL, and 7050E). 
The new AES ISS Series offers several features and benefits:
• Easy to install and navigate;
• Fast speed and access with extreme reliability;
• No worries about technology obsolescence;
• No recurring monthly telecommunications fees for alarm delivery from the protected premises;
• Ability to manage multiple systems, such as home and office, from the same App;
• Alarm signal delivery over radio and Interactive Services via the Internet; and
• Climate control, lighting control, and video services, all coming soon.

According to Tom Kenty, general manager of AES-IntelliNet for alarm monitoring, "The market has been seeking a timeless alarm communications solution that also offers a well-rounded, customer-interactive solution that will serve the market for many years to come."

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