American Fibertek Positioned to Take Advantage of Changing Landscape

Over the past 25 years, the global, physical-security market has dramatically changed in scope and grown in size. This development, driven in part by evolving technology and continually improving infrastructure, has kept the industry at the forefront of major international analysts’ watch lists. Among the select group of players that has successfully adapted to the changing industry landscape is American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI).

Headquartered in Somerset, NJ, AFI is a global developer of video and data transmission solutions, specifically designed for professional security infrastructure applications. AFI’s innovative hardware and software solutions for video surveillance and security systems operate on networked, analog and hybrid platforms employing Ethernet, coax, twisted pair and fiber optic cabling. Based on their unique design advantages, the company’s business opportunities continue to expand in homeland security, hospitality and gaming venues, large sports facilities as well as medical and educational campuses.

 “Our goal is to make network video surveillance and security system transmission easier and more manageable, while extending and protecting technology investments already made by the customer,” said Jack Fernandes, president and CEO of AFI. “The specialized infrastructure solutions we offer are faster, cleaner and better in complementing IP video surveillance and physical security systems. They are applicable across a wide range of environments and have enabled AFI and its channel partners to accelerate the adoption of network systems and fuel new growth opportunities.”

The AFI brand emphasizes quality, advanced functionality and system control with a broader compatibility and ease-of-use to help streamline operational tasks and ensure more convenient usage. Product solutions, such as AFI’s V’nes, exemplify these brand merits with a design that provides an “open path” to integrate IP and analog systems operation.

According to Mr. Fernandes, the company’s growth and success has not been achieved without challenges. He said, “Over the past years, we’ve had to face increased competition, a global recession and a seismic shift in technology. To overcome these and other challenges, we learned to match product development to market demand; improve revenue through cost efficiencies; and to take advantage of opportunities as they arrived. This has resulted in sustained profitability for our company, even during a severe economic downturn.”

Going forward, Mr. Fernandes believes that network-based installations, which have proven their value in total cost of ownership and related efficiencies, will continue to grow at a rate higher than predicted industry forecasts. In addition, communication capabilities will continue evolving as part of the transmission solution. Remote/mobile monitoring and related apps, including alerts in the form of emails or text messages to smartphones or other designated addresses, will become a standard feature on many new fiber transmission and network control products. AFI is currently positioned to capitalize on these identified and recognized market trends.

“One of the technology trends we continue to see across various markets is the development of infrastructure for video surveillance and security applications as the network backbone for previously disparate systems, such as point-of-sale and IP telephony. This presents a huge opportunity for continued growth at American Fibertek, given our unique ability to offer turnkey, infrastructure-transmission solutions that combine the overall efficiencies and performance advantages of fiber optics and IP technologies,” concluded Mr. Fernandes.

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