CTO of HID Global Shares Projections for Top Secure Identity Trends of 2013

HID Global, a source for secure identity solutions, today released its projections for the top secure identity trends of 2013. The predictions span a broad range of market segments, including physical access control, logical access control, and mobile access control using NFC-enabled smartphones.  Other market segments covered in the company’s projections include visitor management, secure credential issuance, and RFID tagging for traditional asset tracking applications as well as new uses, such as product and document certification and authentication.

“As a company that provides the industry’s broadest range of secure identity products, solutions and services, HID Global offers a unique perspective on the factors driving key industry developments and the adoption of new technologies,” said Selva Selvaratnam, senior vice president and chief technology officer with HID Global. “We believe that 2013 will be a watershed year for the secure identity industry due to important advances in technology that will drive increased security and an unprecedented user experience across both existing and new markets.”

From HID Global’s perspective, the trends unfolding during 2013 that will impact market direction and influence how organizations will create and use manage secure identities include:

    • Users want to move toward a more “frictionless” security experience. 

    • Mobile access control will accelerate and dramatically change the industry.

    • NFC-enabled smartphones will still co-exist with cards for opening doors and other applications. 

    • Access control will continue to converge on cards and NFC-enabled mobile devices.

    • The industry will accelerate its migration from magstripe to prox to smarter smart cards. 

    • Identity management will move to the cloud, supported by new managed services.

    • Secure issuance advancements will make it easier to create and distribute more secure cards. 

    • A new category of trusted NFC tags will change how we secure assets and protect consumers.

    • Highly-secure, FIPS-201 technology will move beyond the government to commercial     applications. 

    • Access control systems will increasingly feature integrated visitor management capabilities.

HID Global anticipates that these, and other trends in IP-based access control, will drive new capabilities in 2013 while shaping the market in the years to come.

Detailed descriptions of the company’s top ten anticipated 2013 trends can be found in a two-part series on HID Global’s blog.

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