Because Sometimes You Just Need a Good Laugh

Because Sometimes You Just Need a Good Laugh

Oh, the things that CCTVs catch!

In Redding, California, a man adorned in “loud” pants, as my grandmother used to say, meaning brightly-colored in a somewhat hideous pattern, and a camouflage jacket arrived at a convenience store in the wee hours of the night.  He gallantly strode up to the glass door, peered inside and then walked away, seemingly harmless, right?

Well, moments later he returned wearing a balaclava (look at his head) and proceeded to throw a rock at the glass, cracking the window and triggering the burglar alarm. With nothing left to do but flee, he tried to escape the scene, tripping over the parking bumper then his own two feet before getting away empty-handed.

Too funny! Check it out!


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