Myriad New Partners Further Extend OnSSIs Universality

Myriad New Partners Further Extend OnSSIs Universality

Myriad New Partners Further Extend OnSSIs UniversalityOnSSI is hosting eleven new technology partners in their booth at the ISC West Show this week. The extensive and continually-growing technology partner network will further expand the functionality of OnSSI’s market leading open-architecture and intelligent IP video surveillance Ocularis VMS solution and contribute to the company’s development of innovative new products.

“The Ocularis platform’s unique open-architecture enables close collaboration with industry leading technology developers. It is the catalyst for the development of innovative new features and functionality for Ocularis, as well as the creation of new products that will transcend conventional boundaries,” said Gadi Piran, president and CTO, OnSSI. “Our new partners open new windows of opportunity for the mutual expansion of our respective product offerings and solutions. OnSSI will continue to cultivate and welcome new partners who share our vision for innovation.”

Partnerships featured in OnSSI’s booth include:

C2P unifies video surveillance with IP appliances including point-of-sale (POS) cash registers and automated teller machines (ATMs). Real-time, text integration and hypermedia search tools seamlessly integrate time-synchronized IP text streams to associated video of the text events.

Coherent Synchro specializes in High 3D Security Technology, Augmented Reality and Multifocal Camera Stitching. Their 3D Visualization Platform for control rooms enables operators to view a single monitor to manage the whole building, with immersive navigation through real-virtual 3D environments and integration with other security devices.

DataDirect Networks (DDN) partnership bundles OnSSI’s Ocularis with DDN’s Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) platform enabling organizations to monitor, manage and control hundreds to thousands of IP cameras and detection systems, even across multiple facilities or geographies, delivering mission-critical surveillance infrastructure while delivering real-time video quality-of-service.

ELERTS Incident Reporting software allows smartphone users to report security and safety concerns to a police or security operations center. Even if a campus has hundreds of cameras, ELERTS system “knows” where each surveillance camera can “see,” by storing a Field of View database. When a crime is reported, the ELERTS cloud server uses the smartphone’s GPS to determine the nearest surveillance camera(s), and triggers Ocularis to display live video from cameras with a view of the active crime event.

ELSAG North America provides proprietary advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and other innovative imaging technology to North American law enforcement agencies. ELSAG’s Mobile Plate Hunter is the most advanced, most accurate license plate reader technology available.

HTS is an innovator and provider of patented computer vision systems for security, safety, enforcement, parking, port automation and logistics. HTS has implemented commercial License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems, Container Code Recognition (CCR) and advanced vehicle recognition solutions (VRS) in traffic, parking, safe city, and marine terminals in over 40 countries worldwide.

IdentyTech Solutions will display its IDentyManage Multi Biometric management solution integrated with OnSSI as its core camera management and supplemental alert and investigation platform.

Modus 3D creates high definition, solid 3D models by cloning reality in 3D. Laser scanners capture structures, campuses and highways with dimensions to less than one inch accuracy. Modus 3D’s data models provide the intelligence needed to optimize 3D physical security plan implementation, risk assessment and management.

NetApp’s partnership with OnSSI delivers high performance video storage solutions that support customers’ large scale and high camera resolution environments and enable them to manage, store, and retain data for longer periods of time.

RADWIN is the leader of Wireless Broadband in Motion. RADWIN’s high capacity wireless mobility solution delivers real-time HD video from vehicles, trains and vessels on the move. Deployed in over 150 countries, RADWIN’s Point-to-Point, Point-to-MultiPoint and Wireless Mobility solutions deliver voice, video and data on a single platform with high capacity and wide area coverage. RADWIN’s solutions are utilized for multiple applications such as critical infrastructure protection, airports, utility, and oil and gas facilities.

Razberi Technologies offers the patented Razberi ServerSwitch appliance, which combines the functions of a network video recorder, high-powered Ethernet smart switch and embedded OnSSI Ocularis video management software. The Razberi appliances can be deployed as stand-alone recorders or as a distributed network of remote edge-recorders that are centrally managed by Ocularis.

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