Interesting Facts Learned at Honeywell Press Event

At ISC West on Thursday, I got the opportunity to attend a press event hosted by Honeywell, where three of their key partners, System Sensor, Silent Knight and Fire-Lite, took turns sharing their new products. Detailing their products in simplistic terms enabled me to conclude some very important key take-aways from each presentation.

First up was Doug Hoeferle, senior product marketing manager for System Sensor, who discussed their i4 Combo CO/Smoke Detector, a green solution with a panel interface module. Due to the fact that all CO detectors have limited life, System Sensor's i4 has a replaceable Co cell, so no "rip and replace" is necessary at the end-of-life stage.

Key take-aways from Doug Hoeferle include:

  • There are over 60,000 unintentional CO poisoning incidents per year.
  • There are over 20,000 emergency room visits per year because of CO.
  • There are 300 CO deaths per year.
  • CO poisoning is linked to early Alzheimer's and brain function issues.

Next up was Susan Adam, marketing director for Silent Knight, presenting the Addressable Fire Alarm Panel w/Powerful Voice, an integrated emergency voice system that provides fire control, voice and microphone all in one system. This solution provides design flexibility and is scalable for small to large projects. Loop cards can be added onto a system, so there is no need to run long wires, because Silent Knight put the power where the voice is needed.

Key take-aways from Susan Adam include:

  • Panel is easy to use.
  • Panel has only one manufacturer.
  • Panel offers a non-proprietary, ECS option.

Concluding the press event was Stacy Deveraux, director of marketing, with Fire-Lite Alarms presenting the Emergency Command Center (ECC). This system is modular, so it can be configured to meet the end user's needs, and it is the first, non-proprietary system to be certified with the new code, UC2572.

Key take-aways from Stacy Deveraux include:

  • School Safety – If a classroom is in lockdown, any cell phone or landline can be used from inside the classroom to call ECC, login and deliver an emergency voice message.
  • Free app assists dealers in selling ECC to end users.
  • All marketing for ECC involved how to empower the dealer to gain business, and be successful.

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