Memories of ISC West 2013

Memories of ISC West 2013

Memories of ISC West 2013With tired feet and a huge stack of business cards, I caught the shuttle back to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas with a huge smile on my face because of ISC West 2013. Thoughts and memories flooded my mind.

Amidst the enormous show room floor (big enough to make Bosch’s amazing semi look like a Tonka truck toy) were modern products for the security industry designed to fascinate walkers-by as well as provide a valuable function within society. While all of the products were impressive, from door locks that connect to Bluetooth by Kwikset to customizable push buttons that open and close doors by Dortronics to the LiVest by OnSSI and Axis Communications, a vest with covert cameras on the front and back that streams live video over wireless and WiFi connections, just to name a few, I was most impressed with the people.

New to the industry and this being my first security show, the first day I walked into the convention center I could feel the positive energy, camaraderie and friendly-attitudes. The room was alive and buzzing with talk of security products, company accolades, product demonstrations and fun!

Throughout my conversations, it seemed that a strong theme in the security industry is moving from analog solutions toward the IP video world. However, analog dealers and end users are hesitant to move over into “IP land,” noting that increased resolution shows focus flaws more readily and in greater detail. Also, networking was brought up as a common barrier, so it seems that more and more companies are partnering with other companies that can help, acquiring talent or training internally.

Another theme that I discovered was the usage of the following verbiage: “simple, easy-to-use, plug-and-play.”  It seems dealers and end users of cameras, NVRs, VMS, door locks, etc. seek these benefits, so integrators are ensuring that their products live up to these requests from the market.

I can honestly say that all the security professionals I came into contact with at ISC West 2013 were nothing less that friendly, knowledgably and accommodating. And, with my huge stack of business cards and massaged feet, I feel that I have made friends within the security industry that will last a life time.

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