Benefits of an infinias IP-Based Access Control Solution

There’s a reason why infinias is a trusted-leader for IP-based access control solutions. The high-performance access control solutions leverage the network, are easy to install, and provide a cost-effective, easy to manage access control that grows with your organization’s needs. The advantages of an infinias IP-based access control solution are many and measurable.

IP-based infinias access control solutions leverage an organization’s most critical infrastructure investment—the network. infinias IP-based solutions further leverage that network investment, providing a secure, reliable and well-managed IP-based access control solution that grows with your organization’s needs.

Leverages the Network

Infinias IP-based access control solutions leverage network infrastructure and move the eIDC32 (Ethernet Integrated Door Controller) to the door which eliminates the need for a traditional central access panel—lowering both equipment and installation costs. PoE (Power over Ethernet) powers the eIDC32 and all peripheral door hardware, including card readers, door strikes, REX’s and door sensors. This significantly reduces the length and number of copper strands and cabling needed for installation, further reducing costs. Additionally, the eIDC32 only requires a single CAT5/CAT6 Ethernet cable and connects to the nearest network switch—simplifying and streamlining installation.

Supports the Standards

An infinias solution also supports standard server hardware, standard operating systems and standard network infrastructure—simplifying installation and configuration, and eliminating the need for custom wiring, additional panels and auxiliary appliances. This results in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your organization, as well as simplified systems and administrative management.

Infinias Intelli-M® Access software is browser-based and enables an organization to run the application from anywhere, with any browser-capable device connected to the network. This eliminates the installation headache of having to install separate client software, as well as managing updates and worrying about which computers the access control management software needs to be installed on. The-web based software provides immediate access to the access control system, along with the ability to access the system remotely, from anywhere with network connectivity— an advantageous benefit that can be critical to an organization for responding to security related events.

Simplifies IT Management

infinias IP-based access control solutions also offer inherent advantages for stability and simplified IT management. These advantages include a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) at the switch for battery back-up power, simplified management of cable/switch infrastructure via SNMP (simple network management protocol), leveraging network monitoring tools and system health monitoring. Additionally, the infinias eIDC32 door controller provides the ultimate hardware failover protection—if one door goes down, other doors connected to the network are not affected.

Runs on a Virtual Environment

Infinias’ IP-based access control solutions can also be run on your organization’s virtual environment, eliminating the need to purchase dedicated server hardware, providing yet another strong advantage. This results in increased system reliability and scalability, as well as simplified management, reduced power consumption and a lower carbon footprint.

Grows with Your Organization’s Needs

Lastly, infinias delivers unmatched flexibility and scalability, one of the most desirable and differentiating advantages for many of our customers. Organizations have the ability to add a single door, or thousands to the network the organization’s needs grow. You can easily add an eIDC32 door controller to your network with a single CAT5/CAT6 cable and connect it to the nearest network switch. Add as many or as few doors as you need, whenever you need to—it’s that simple.

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