Software House Offers Advances in Personnel Management

Software House Offers Advances in Personnel Management

Software House Offers Advances in Personnel ManagementSoftware House, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, is announcing a host of enhancements to its C∙CURE 9000 security and event management platform that simplify the management of personnel access. With features such as credential deactivation, custom clearances and activating events based on activity, C∙CURE 9000 v2.20 gives the ultimate flexibility in solving common personnel access issues.

Credential deactivation enables the automatic address of unused personnel cards. With C∙CURE 9000 v2.20, the system can automatically disable personnel cards that have not been used in a specified amount of time, allowing better management of employees, contractors and visitors.

C∙CURE 9000 v2.20 allows the creation of custom clearances that give individualized access to specific doors, elevators or groups of both. A custom clearance can be set up for a specific person versus changing a generic clearance for a whole group of people. For example, a custom clearance can be established for a contractor who is working on a project for a week. Once the week is over, his credentials are automatically disabled, without affecting the clearances of any other cardholder.

“The new capabilities in C∙CURE 9000 provide more intuitive ways to better manage personnel access,” said Steven Lewis, senior product manager for Software House. “These features in C∙CURE 9000 represent how we continue to advance the way you provide individualized access to your employees, contractors and visitors, creating a safer environment for your business.”

C•CURE 9000 v2.20 allows the automatic activation of an event associated with a specific person and specific doors. For example, when the president of a company arrives each morning, the system can automatically turn on the lights and HVAC, as well as send a report directly to his or her computer.

C∙CURE 9000 is available through Software House’s worldwide distribution channels.

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