PSA Announces New Director of Education

PSA Announces New Director of Education

PSA Security Network is proud to announce the new Director of Education, PSA Announces New Director of EducationBarbara Shaw. She will be working closely, not only with PSA Security Network, but also with vendors, integrators, individual consultants and thought leaders from throughout the industry. Shaw will be a direct report to PSA’s CEO, Bill Bozeman.

"The PSA community is made up of many successful, independent integrators who are smart, agile, technically-innovative and forward thinking. Many PSA companies will tell you that outstanding customer service is key to their success, and the highly-responsive nature of these companies is due in a large part to a high level of employee engagement. This is what is really exciting to me, this level of employee engagement. While many businesses seek to improve employee engagement, many don’t know how to really make it work in practice,” expressed Shaw.

“What I find really powerful about the PSA community, is the span of control that the independent integrator has over their employee’s ecosystem and how readily they invest in what’s good for their people. From clarity of roles, goals and values to the systems and tools that ensure effective and efficient performance of all levels of employees in the organization, PSA is positioned through its education and business services to help fortify your strategy.”

“Working for a company that has very good instincts for the right incentives and rewards to keep their people knowing and growing is a fun place to work! I also am really happy that I have the opportunity to channel my passion for helping people and companies grow. I feel like I am doing my part to help support small businesses, the very engine that builds a healthy and strong United States economy," concluded Shaw. 

Barbara has been in the industry since 1996, starting as a vertical market specialist and then moving on to commercial and national account sales. In 2000, Barbara found a love for education, working in training and development with one of the largest companies in the security industry. In addition to this experience, Barbara has also earned the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) Certification Institute. 

“Barbara’s extensive experience and wealth of knowledge in the physical security industry will elevate the education department at PSA. She brings a well-rounded, adaptable set of skills and a passion for physical security education. She will be a great fit at PSA Security Network,” said Bill Bozeman.

For more information about the educational programs at PSA Security Network, please contact Barbara Shaw at 303.450.3461.

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