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Video analytics helps protect headquarters of logistics provider from theft, vandalism

Marine Container Services Inc. (MCS) is a logistics and transportation company based in Newark, N.J., that provides import and export services to multi-national retailers, manufacturers and distributors throughout the United States. The company operates its business in 48 states and prides itself on its world-class digital communication system to keep dispatchers in touch with drivers at all times. Not only does this allow MCS to provide real-time updates to its customers but it also keeps deliveries on track.

Businesses rely on MCS to transport shipments swiftly, safely and securely to their final points of destinations. And its loyal customers have faith in the company’s approach and services. MCS has provided this comprehensive portfolio of services for more than 29 years and has built a strong customer base through dedication, hard work and an employeeshared commitment to client satisfaction.

A Secure Warehouse

In addition to its transport business, the company also provides warehousing services that include transloading, export consolidation, import distribution, flat rack storage and cargo banding. On a daily basis, nearly $5 million worth of goods are transported into and out of the MCS New Jersey warehouse.

Though the constant flow of goods and services means great things for Marine Container’s overall business, it also introduces vulnerability to theft and loss. Over time, senior management became aware that goods were being stolen or tampered with, and needed to find a quick solution to mitigate the problem as well as prevent further issues.

Seeking Security

As a forward-thinking business, MCS decided to explore new technologies to help control security issues and enhance safety within their infrastructure. The company proactively initiated their own search for a solution to provide a high level of safety and security on site. At the same time, the company required a user-friendly solution that would allow for multiple users at varying levels of expertise. Because the company does not have a full-time security staff, usability was just as important as far-reaching surveillance camera coverage.

To reduce the emerging problems with vandalism and theft, Marine Container’s management team knew they needed to monitor access to its facilities and property. With a 130,000-squarefoot warehouse and six acres to monitor, this was no small feat. Also, the company didn’t have the manpower to operate and monitor a traditional surveillance system. Therefore, it required an intelligent video security system to monitor and manage its infrastructure and perimeter in a cost-effective way.

“In the past, we’ve experienced issues with theft,” said Joe Noonan, owner of Marine Container Services. “Therefore, we wanted an IP video surveillance solution that could capture video that would enable us to investigate incidents and even prevent them from occurring in the first place. We are a company not familiar with the ins-and-outs of security technologies, and it was important that we choose a partner that was able to explain how new equipment and services would help us accomplish our objectives.”

Unique Security Needs

The MCS executive management team was tasked with finding a new security solution that would mitigate existing issues and help prevent future vulnerabilities at its main headquarters. Noonan quickly realized the potential and benefits that video surveillance technology offered, but he desired something more than the traditional camera systems presented to the company.

“I truly wanted our security system to be a step above the expected,” he said. “We needed an automated monitoring solution that would allow us to prevent theft, gather evidence and react in real-time while still focusing on our core business.”

Additionally, a remotely monitored system would allow the company to refrain from hiring security staff to manage it. Noonan was also looking for a dependable and responsive solution, one that would be able to accommodate the large volume of cargo traveling to and from the company’s warehouse on a daily basis.

Last on their list of criteria was the need for a reliable supplier.

“Security is not our core business, so we required a partner that could help us get the most of our technology and guide us in making the correct decisions for our business,” Noonan said.

After researching products on the market, Noonan was introduced to Visentry, a monitored video surveillance service provider. Visentry Virtual Sentry Solution provides effective and affordable centrally monitored video security and loss-prevention services for businesses, facilities and localities. The unique approach combines intelligent video event detection and analysis capability with advanced security hardware and software to provide 24/7 remote monitoring based on real-time detection and response. Visentry’s intelligent remote monitoring technology helps its customers reduce theft and vandalism, eliminate the cost of on-site security staff and lower their insurance premiums.

Deter Potential Threats

Virtual Sentry leverages high-definition video surveillance cameras and intelligent analytics from ioimage by DVTEL to detect and deter potential threats. Users are able to define customized detection parameters and, once a threat is detected within a predefined area, Visentry’s central station is notified. A Visentry operator then manages a real-time response, using PTZ camera capabilities to verify the event and acquire more information on the potential risk factors. For example, if an intruder is identified, operators can communicate with the individual via built-in audio at the site to inform them that they are under surveillance. If the alarm is high priority, the operator can dispatch local police.

“Virtual Sentry provides our customers with the ultimate crime-deterring weapon while enabling them to save money on security in the long term,” said Juda Slamovich, COO of Visentry. “Our customers know their sites are safe because, with the advanced ioimage analytic technology, we have our eyes on their critical investments and infrastructure around the clock.”

The system is further strengthened by the real-time incident reaction made possible by DVTEL’s ioimage analytics, which provide intelligent video and automatically alert operators of any incidents. This technology helps MCS to be proactive with security measures, rather than solely responding to events. Not only has this helped reduce theft, it has also minimized the company’s investment in staff, reduced false alarms and delivered peace of mind to employees and managers alike.

The Ideal Solution

Today, the Virtual Sentry solution is deployed at Marine Container Services’ headquarters and is credited with reducing opportunity for theft and vandalism within its facilities and across its perimeter. The remote monitoring nature of the service delivers quick response time if an incident occurs, which has further reduced chances for loss.

“This system enables us to pinpoint quickly the information that we are looking for and prevent any potential incidents of theft or tampering,” Noonan said. “In an investigation, we now have the data we need at the tip of our fingers when we need it.

“Everyone we have worked with has been extremely cooperative and helpful. They entire team has worked diligently to help us build a solution that meets our specific business needs. Our partners took the time to work with us to make sure we were getting a customized solution that would help us meet our goals.”

Peace of Mind

With the Virtual Security system in place, Marine Container Services has achieved its main objective: securing its cargo and reducing theft. It has also helped the company reduce the chance for false alarms, a significant issue that accounts for up to 97 percent of all alarm incidents. This wastes local police resources and costs taxpayers more than $2 billion nationwide every year.

“We have reduced the amount of false alarms at our facility and, therefore, are now a stronger partner with local law enforcement,” Noonan said. “Furthermore, the system and ongoing service is incredibly cost effective. We recouped our initial investment in just two months.”

As a leader in the logistics industry, MCS continues to look for new ways to leverage technology to protect assets, ensure safety and optimize operations. Visentry and ioimage by DVTEL have helped the logistics company meet their challenging security requirements while helping streamline staffing and overall operations. The company now has one of the most sophisticated video monitoring services available on today’s market and is reaping numerous benefits. Their choice will help deliver peace of mind to company management for years to come.

This article originally appeared in the July 2013 issue of Security Today.


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