Kwikset Smartcode Locks with Home Connect Technology Integrated with IPDataTel Gateway

Kwikset Smartcode Locks with Home Connect Technology Integrated with IPDataTel Gateway

In a continuing effort to offer consumers locks that are a fundamental part of a complete security and home automation system, Kwikset announces a new integration with ipDatatel, an innovator in the telecommunications and security industry.

Kwikset Smartcode Locks with Home Connect Technology Integrated with IPDataTel GatewayAs a result of the arrangement, the Zigbee version of Kwikset's SmartCode deadbolt locks with Home Connect technology will now integrate with ipDatatel's Gateway product. The Gateway boasts firmware that is 128 bit encrypted and password-protected, while providing communication from the Internet to a variety of home systems, including HVAC, lighting, home entertainment and more.

The Zigbee version of the Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt locks with Home Connect technology are the first locks that work with the ipDatatel Gateway and capitalize on its home automation capabilities. When connected to the Gateway, the SmartCode locks will offer homeowners their full array of security and convenience features, such as: remote locking and unlocking via smartphones and tablets, communication with other wireless products in the home and receipt of text messages regarding lock status. A single Gateway is capable of managing up to five lock controls.

Further, when ipDatatel's Cellular Broadband Alarm Transceiver (BAT CDMA) is added, the SmartCode locks can be fully controlled through the home's existing security system. This allows the homeowner to configure a wide array of customized security scenarios, including automatically locking the SmartCode locks upon arming the security system.

ipDatatel's BAT CDMA provides low-cost, “dual path” communications for alarm and home automation signaling via cellular and/or Broadband transmission. The BAT CDMA is extremely versatile, as it works with all alarm control panels that utilize Contact-ID to provide secure and cost-effective Dual Path – IP/Cellular alarm transmissions, virtual keypad and notification. ipDatatel's BAT CDMA product won Best in Residential Monitoring at both the recent ISC West show in Las Vegas and Electronic Security Expo in Nashville.

"In reconfiguring our Gateway to accommodate Kwikset's Zigbee SmartCode locks, we've provided our customers with access to one of the most high-quality, security devices on the market," said Russell Vail, ipDatatel president and CEO."What's more, bringing our BAT products into the picture gives homeowners the opportunity to tie peripheral Zigbee devices such as the Kwikset lock directly into the security system - the only platform that is truly monitoring all movements within the house. Ultimately, it makes a smart home even smarter, from a security standpoint."

"The integration of our SmartCode lock with the ipDatatel Gateway is a further example of Kwikset's commitment to partnering with the premier security and home automation players in the market," said Keith Brandon, Kwikset's director of residential access solutions. "We are not only interested in bringing increased security to homeowners but also in providing them with enhanced home automation capabilities. This association dovetails perfectly with that objective."

Kwikset’s SmartCode deadbolts and levers with Home Connect technology integrate with home security and automation systems. Features of the locks include: Kwikset’s patented SmartKey re-key technology, that allows homeowners to re-key their locks in seconds without removing the lock from the door; BumpGuard technology that protects homeowners from lock bumping; easy, one-touch programming; the ability to integrate with the widest variety of wireless security and home automation platforms in the industry; and 20 different styles/finishes.


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