FST21 Unveils Digital Doorman

FST21 Unveils Digital Doorman

FST21, a technology company specializing in the field of identification and security, is pleased to unveil Digital Doorman, an all-in-one In Motion Identification Access Control solution.

FST21 Unveils Digital Doorman

Incorporating the groundbreaking technological advantages of FST21's SafeRise solution, with dedicated hardware and seamless plug and play installation, Digital Doorman delivers the most advanced, secure and convenient access control solution on the market. And, it can be easily installed in any door with an electronic lock. The Digital Doorman system includes: SafeRise software, delivering In Motion Identification; an FST21 all-in-one server; a full IP Intercom with digital directory; and a 5-megapixel IP camera.

SafeRise is FST21's signature, state-of-the-art software and the driving force behind Digital Doorman. It incorporates biometric fusion technology which provides identification and authentication of individuals using a combination of facial, voice, and behavioral recognition. No keys, cards or codes are required.

The Digital Doorman will:

  • Identify registered users as they walk toward the access point using facial and behavioral biometrics, greet them and allow access;
  • Recognize multiple people at the same access point simultaneously;
  • Identify visitors by using a unique V-Key: a graphical tag sent to the visitor by e-mail prior to the visit, to be displayed on the smart phone screen to a camera at the access point;
  • Talk with guests and guide them;
  • Call the host and ask for permission to allow (or deny) access for the guest;
  • Notify tenants on visitor's entry using email or text message;
  • Open the door; and
  • Detect and alert foul play and fraud attempt.

Enrolling users into the Digital Doorman system is simple, with the quick enrollment window. Once all authorized users are enrolled, they will be able to just walk in naturally to their office or home, and the system will allow them access and log their entry. When visitors come to the door at the home or office, the system will call the host's phone to let them know. They can speak with the visitor and open the door from anywhere in the world.

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