The First Name in Driveway Alarms and Gate Openers Announces 38 Year Anniversary

The First Name in Driveway Alarms and Gate Openers Announces 38 Year Anniversary

The First Name in Driveway Alarms and Gate Openers Announces 38 Year AnniversaryPreferred Technologies Group introduced Cartell driveway alarms in 1975, offering home owners a stand-alone system that would alert them when vehicles enter the driveway. Cartell did this by turning on lights, cameras and audible devices. It was the first vehicle detection product introduced to the industry based on magnetometer technology.

In the early 1980’s, Preferred developed a Cartell system that integrated directly with any security system. It was quickly adopted by security professionals as a perfect accessory to security systems, adding an element of safety and convenience outside the house. When vehicles enter the driveway, Cartell uses the security system to turn on lights, cameras, audible devices and notify police and monitoring stations.

As the smart home industry evolved, Cartell driveway alarms were integrated with home automation systems, adding the convenience of automation to the driveway. When vehicles enter the driveway, Cartell can trigger lights to come on, cameras, chime at keypads, initiate email notifications and any other feature the home automation system supports.

In the late 1990’s, Cartell introduced gate openers & free exit systems to the automatic gate/access control industry. Homeowners could have their powered gates automatically open when leaving their property without the use of keypads, remotes or key fobs. Quickly embraced by the industry, Cartell gate openers have become the industry standard sold as an accessory by manufacturers like Chamberlain, U.S. Automatic, Byan Systems, etc., and by hundreds of distributors across the U.S.

“Cartell could not be where it is today without the loyalty and support of its many customers. We are humbled by the confidence our clientele have placed in us over our thirty-eight year history,” said President/CEO of Preferred Technologies Group, Jonathan Bohannon. “We hope many more outlets will come forward to sell our products and that our future will be as successful as our past.”

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