ICE Cable Bulk Cable Box Saves Integrators Time and Money

ICE Cable Bulk Cable Box Saves Integrators Time and Money

ICE Cable Bulk Cable Box Saves Integrators Time and MoneyICE Cable Systems serves integrators both directly and via more than 50 distributors in North America and internationally, and they are now shipping its new Big Mouth Payout (BMP) bulk wire & cable box.  BMP incorporates four, distinct, design advantages that help the integrator run more efficiently on the jobsite.

4-inch payout hole and proprietary winding pattern

The BMP box combines a 4-inch payout hole with a proprietary cable-winding pattern.  According to ICE president Brian Rizzo, the payout is more than twenty times larger than what’s currently available on the market today.

ICE Cable Bulk Cable Box Saves Integrators Time and Money“Our payout and wind pattern helps eliminate everyday pull-problems like kinking, knotting, recoil and tangling.  Removing these obstacles makes a one-man wire pull -- for example from atop a ladder -- significantly easier,” said Rizzo.

Ascending and descending foot-markers

Incorporated on the cable jackets are ascending and descending foot-markers that make it effortless for the integrator to identify how much cable has been used and how much remains.  The result is optimal usage of the entire wind and the elimination of scrap; it also solves the common problem of tracking usage, which according to Rizzo can often be difficult when more than one technician pulls from the same box.

Ultra-durable, weather-resistant, cardboard box with reinforced handles

To withstand abuse on the jobsite, the BMP box is comprised of an extremely durable, water-resistant cardboard along with dual-layer, reinforced handles.  According to Rizzo the cardboard is burst tested to withstand 21 kilograms of force, which far surpasses what is currently available in the channel today.

”BMP is a great example of ICE Cable’s understanding of what’s important to the integrator,” said Wally Whinna, principal of Allnet Distributing and board member of the Catalyst AV network that distributes ICE Cable nationally. “Advantages like this make it easier for integrators to finish their pre-wire jobs faster and with less hassle.”

All box cables (category, speaker, coax, alarm, control, etc.) by ICE ship in a BMP box, many of which are available in runs as long as 1,000 feet.

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