Dutch Calypso Housing Project Relies on IQinVision Megapixel Technology

Dutch Calypso Housing Project Relies on IQinVision Megapixel Technology

Dutch Calypso Housing Project Relies on IQinVision Megapixel TechnologyIQinVision, a manufacturer of high-performance, HD, megapixel, IP cameras, announced that the Calypso mixed-use housing development in the Netherlands has installed an IP-video, surveillance solution featuring IQinVision HD megapixel cameras. Xserius is the value-added distribution company for this project and installation was completed by Xserius’ partner, Spindler.

Calypso is a new apartment building complex, located in the Rotterdam city center. The innovative concept combines stylish design, comfort, safety and luxury living all in one location. The building houses retail shops, offices and a church in addition to personal residences.

Securing an apartment building is a complicated challenge. Many people live within a relatively small area and must be able to live together safely. As with any mixed-use project, it is a top priority to ensure resident safety and comfort when there are also many non-residents taking advantage of the public use spaces. On the other hand, comfortable living and resident privacy are also very important. It was up to the installer and Xserius to devise a happy medium among these sometimes conflicting priorities. The two partners chose a centralized, IP-based solution powered by 80 IQeye HD megapixel cameras.

IQeye IP cameras provide high-resolution, megapixel images managed by a highly-reliable Mirasys video management software package. Grandstream SIP video phones are installed in each apartment connected to the mTouch SIP Video Intercom station in the lobby to grant access to the building. The Mirasys system provides live video at the reception desk and to other viewing locations within the complex.

Calypso residents, guests, shoppers and visitors can now enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated, IP-based, video surveillance and visitor management security system in which comfort, safety and luxury living come together in an effective, yet low-key manner.

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