Seneca Introduced Certified Client Viewing Stations at ASIS 2013

Seneca Introduced Certified Client Viewing Stations at ASIS 2013

Seneca Introduced Certified Client Viewing Stations at ASIS 2013Seneca, a custom computer and appliance manufacturer providing optimized, certified, and guaranteed solutions for the digital security and surveillance (DSS) market, announced the availability of a complete line of client viewing stations. xView viewing stations are a complimentary offering to the xVault video storage line and are designed to fulfill digital security and surveillance projects, from a single display, single site installation to a multiple site, control room environment utilizing a video wall.

“Client viewing stations are an essential and often overlooked component of a complete digital security and surveillance solution,” said Ron VanTassel, market development manager, Seneca. “Purchasing a purpose built and optimized viewing station allows the end user to utilize the latest hardware technology resulting in better video management performance.”

Seneca xView client viewing stations are tuned to optimal performance with leading VMS software platforms to ensure reliable performance. Through rigorous testing procedures, Seneca determines the viewing station’s maximum performance levels to a variety of VMS platforms to offer the best solution for each project.

“Monitoring live video from any surveillance system is essential to maintain an efficient surveillance solution,” said Reinier Tuinzing, strategic alliance manager, Milestone. “Client viewing stations that work together with VMS platforms provide a great advantage.”

Seneca has a complete line of viewing stations from a single display, single location deployment up to a large scale and high security areas:

  • xVault xView 100 line provides a solution for many small businesses and single location retail stores;
  • xVault xView 200 line supports mid-range deployments such as a small retail store with multiple locations;
  • xVault xView 300 line supports large projects such as a large grocery store with multiple locations; and
  • xVault xView400 line provides a solution for large scale and high security deployments and is capable of monitoring 100 plus video streams across a control room video wall.
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