Halloween Safety Tips for the Candy Givers

Halloween Safety Tips for the Candy Givers

Halloween Safety Tips for the Candy Givers Alright, Halloween is tomorrow, and you know what that means? Little ghosts and goblins will be knocking at your door, screaming “trick or treat,” in hopes of getting full-sized candy bars…not the small snack-sized ones! It’s a fun time to see kiddos dressing up and having fun! But, it’s also a time of mischief and a time to be safe, not just for kids, but for the “candy givers,” too!

Here are some tips for homeowners to keep their humble abodes safe and secure from Halloween mischief.

1. Light up your home inside and out as this serves as a deterrent for burglars. Prior to Halloween night, test your outside porch lights to make sure they work. Outside lights also help to see who is at your door before you open it.

2. Secure any loose items that you keep outside, like bikes, fancy flower pots, etc., to help prevent theft on Halloween. Remember thieves are smart, and they will notice whether your items are secure, returning later to collect them if they aren’t.

3. Do not allow any child or adult to come into your home. If they claim it is an emergency, offer to make a phone call for them, but be sure to lock your door while making the call and they are waiting by your door. If a child or adult asks to use your bathroom, give them directions to the nearest public restroom, usually in a retail store.

4. Never allow strangers to follow you into your home for any reason. If someone is asking for access to your home, be wary and do not accommodate, even if they are from your own neighborhood. They can return to their home for any needs they may have.

5. Always hand out candy. Never leave an unattended bowl of candy by your door. This signals that the home is vacant or the homeowner is not nearby, increasing the chance of vandalism.

6. Lock vehicle doors, even if they are parked inside your garage.

7. Arm your security system because burglars can use the increased activity on Halloween night to their advantage. If you’re not going to be home on Halloween night, consider activating motion-sensitive lights, and alert trusted neighbors that you will be away.

8. Never feel like you are required to answer the door, especially after the typical trick-or-treat rush is over in your neighborhood. Once the rush dies down, consider turning off your porch light to indicate that you are no longer answering the call of trick-or-treaters.

9. Take a moment prior to Halloween night to speak with your home insurance agent to ensure that you are fully protected for whatever Halloween plans you have.

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