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Top 8 Android Security Apps

Awhile back, I explored the Top Security Apps for iPhone, so I felt that it was time to do the same for Android smartphones. For the Android security apps, I focused not only on ratings and recommendations, but also on finding cost-effective, easy-to-use security apps that won’t kill your budget!

ESET Mobile Security – mobile security and antivirus. (Free and Premium Version)

ESET Mobile Security - Top 8 Android Security AppsSafely and securely spend your time online without the worry of viruses, cyber theft or phishing.

It’s important to be proactive when exposing your Android to the Internet. This security suite offers an intuitive interface that screens all apps for malware in real time while cloud technology provides maximum protection against emerging threats. Even potentially unwanted apps, the ones that do harm by sending text messages or make calls from premium rate numbers, are found and exposed. And, if you misplace your phone, no worries! You can remotely locate it by sounding a siren.

Going premium allows you to take advantage of extra features like being able to remotely delete all contacts, messages and removable memory cards with a simple SMS command and protect personal information like usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and banking information with anti-phising.

16,337 Current ratings of 4.7 stars; 4,165 people recommended this app.

Google Play Store

CoverMe Secure Messenger and Vault – private texting and calls. (Free)

CoverMe Secure Messenger and Vault - Top 8 Android Security AppsLet’s face it, some conversations are private, and this app allows it to stay just that!

CoverMe gives you full messaging control with the ability to know immediately when the recipient has read your message. Ever had second thoughts about sending a message or photo? Well, this app truly has your back by allowing you to recall the message and send out remote wipe instructions to remove sent pictures.

All calls, messages, photos and videos are transmitted using military-grade encryption, with the promise that engineers of CoverMe cannot even intercept them. The encrypted Private Vault provides hidden privacy of all your personal contacts, messages, call logs, confidential documents, notes, private pictures/videos, passwords, etc. In fact, without the password, this encrypted vault is invisible!

120 Current ratings of 4.0 stars; 236 people recommend this app.

Google Play Store

Where’s My Droid – missing phone tracker. (Free and Pro Version)

Where's My Droid - Top 8 Android Security AppsYou have you’re world at your fingertips until…you reach into your purse, pocket or bag and discover no Droid! Now what do you do?

With this app, it’s easy to track down your missing phone by making your phone ring or by getting the GPS coordinates of your lost phone with a link to Google maps.

The Pro version gives you the power to remotely lock and wipe your SD card and phone data, and you can even use a landline phone (Huh? Do people actually have those anymore?) to activate this app.

82,810 Current ratings of 4.0 stars; 37,630 people recommend this app.

Google Play Store

G Cloud Backup – data protection and backup. (Free)

G Cloud Backup - Top 8 Android Security AppsOn average, one device is lost every 3 seconds in the United States, making it a must to safely and securely backup all your data to a cloud location.

G Cloud allows Droid users to back up all phones and tablets under a single account. You simply select data including SMS, contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, videos and music, and the app intelligently performs daily, automatic backups to Amazon AWN cloud storage when WiFi is available, your phone is plugged in or when it has plenty of battery life.

One GB of space is provided free, which is typically enough for most devices, but you also have the ability to earn up to 10 GB of free space. And, if you lose, damage, replace or upgrade your Droid, this app provides simple, mobile-to-mobile restore.

43,815 Current ratings of 4.7 stars; 33,140 people recommend this app.

Google Play Store

SurfEasy VPN for Android – VPN. (Free)

SurfEasy VPN for Android - Top 8 Android Security AppsStay safe and secure on your Droid when surfing the Internet at Starbucks, the airport or any other WiFi spot.

SurfEasy protects you by providing online privacy and security by encrypting all Internet traffic on your Droid device so that you can surf freely, without limits or restrictions. It masks your IP address, location and identity so that you can browse anonymously without being tracked. Firewalls can be bypassed, while blocked sites and VoIP can be unblocked.

What I find unique: This free VPN service gives you 500 MB per month, but you have the ability to earn more simply by telling your friends!  

680 Current ratings of 4.5 stars; 825 people recommend this app.

Google Play Store

App Lock (HI AppLock) – app lock and privacy protect tool. (Free)

App Lock (HI AppLock) - Top 8 Android Security AppsThere are some really cool apps out there from gaming to social to business related. In fact, I have a couple on my phone that I absolutely couldn’t live without, and I’m willing to bet you do too! So, are yours protected?

App Lock has the ability to lock any app to protect your privacy with a password to prevent sensitive information from being leaked. Others would also be unable to change your phone’s settings, play games, etc., and a re-lock feature of 1/3/5 minutes can help prevent hackers from finishing the destruction that they may have started.

Helpful tips for this app?

  • Enable “notification” to prevent App Lock from being killed by the system/task manager; and
  • Enable “add to device admin” to prevent App Lock from being uninstalled.

6,512 Current ratings of 4.5 stars; 3,042 people recommend this app.

Google Play Store

Keeper Password and Data Vault – password manager. (Free and Premium Version)

Keeper Password and Data Vault - Top 8 Android Security AppsWe have a password for just about everything: banking, social media, email, work…and the list goes on and on. Not only do we have to remember each and every password, but to be safe, we should have different and unique passwords for each account that include a combination of letters, numbers and unique characters.

Use Keeper to organize and access all your passwords and private information including financial records, credit cards, and other critical information across all your mobile devices. Create strong passwords with the instant password generator, and enjoy features like password auto-fill and the ability for the app to remember your passwords.

So, how safe is it?

Keeper uses 256-bit, AES data storage, two-factor authentication, military encryption and double-encrypted syncing all while offering simple and secure sharing of information to those you trust.

This app was made to be a life-long product, so you can transition to new devices easily. Upgrade to the premium features to receive unlimited storage, and free sync and backup for 30 days with an annual subscription. 

22,160 Current ratings of 4.4 stars; 17,101 people recommend this app.

Google Play Store

App Cache Cleaner – clears cached files. (Free)

App Cache Cleaner - Top 8 Android Security AppsIs it time to clear the cache on your Droid? Every time you visit a website, web browsers save tiny files on your smart phone that make the website load faster the next time you visit it. Sounds like a good thing, right? Not necessarily, because if your smartphone gets hacked, the hacker will know what websites you visited and can gain access to your login IDs, passwords, banking information and other sensitive information.

I recommend clearing your cache every time you close your browser, and with App Cache Cleaner, you can do this easily with one finger tap, eliminating the need to ROOT your Droid!

64,257 Current ratings of 4.7 stars; 29,423 people recommend this app.

Google Play Store

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