GovSec West Exhibitors Feature Several Products and Solutions

GovSec West Exhibitors Feature Several Products and Solutions


Cardinal Tracking

As a system integrator of ruggedized devices, Cardinal highlighted the Trimble JUNO T41, a rugged, handheld device that can be dropped, frozen and even submerged in water, and it still functions. The Trimble is sized so that it easily fits into a pocket, yet it is big enough to manipulate by holding it and using fingers on its touch screen.

The GPS accuracy is less than 1 meter, making it easy to plot longitude and latitude. And, perhaps the most interesting feature is that even in direct sunlight, the user is able to easily see the device’s display as if they were indoors.

DSX Access Systems Inc.

Focusing on manufacturing hardware, software and integrated solutions for access control and security industries, DSX was excited with the positive turn out of attendees from various locations. DSX highlighted several of their products during GovSec West, demonstrating the changes/updates some of which include: active directory authentication, alarm email notification, AES 256bit encryption, threat level management, digital video recorder, regional time zone settings and more.

KETCH Consulting Known for their hot site strategies and negotiations, the professionals at KETCH Consulting are dedicated to educating others in crisis/risk management. With experience averaging 25 years in IT and 15 years in BCP, all KETCH professionals are certified, giving them CBCP and MBCI credentials.With a methodology that reflects real people with real needs, KETCH approaches people recovery by including human resource issues of relocating personnel.With their hot site contract negotiations, KETCH presents knowledge from the vendor’s perspective, enabling the acquisition of knowledge from “both sides.”

Minuteman UPS

According to Minuteman UPS, reliable power produces reliable security. This year, Minuteman UPS chose to highlight the PRO-RT Series, a value-priced, featurerich UPS that incorporates line-interactive technology for preserving batter power. During voltage sags/surges, voltage regulation is provided with this series, and an LCD display provides visual notification of power status. Each PRO-RT model has SentryPlus power management and diagnostic software so that the user gains complete control over monitoring and managing the UPS via a browser-based interface.

Open Options

Open Options offers an array of quality access control products for those who embrace the advantages of the open architecture concept, including the ability to keep up with the most up-to-date technology. Open Options highlighted their Fusion Mobile, a remote management application for their DNA Fusion access control software that boasts powerful video integrations with Aimetis and Video Insight, wireless lock solutions with ASSA ABLOY and SALTO Systems, visitor management with Easy Lobby and full FIPS 201 compliancy with Codebench. Users can take advantage of all software features while on the go directly from a mobile device.

Texas A&M University

In the ever changing field of security, Texas A&M has discovered that education seems to be the key to success. Offering online graduate certificates in Homeland Security, Business Continuity, and Maritime Security, these programs cater to deployed military since these students would be unable to attend traditional classes. These graduate certificates are wonderful for people involved with the police, fire department or military who are wanting to move up because they can further their education without disturbing their career. Each program consists of 5 graduate level courses totaling 15 hours and most credits are transferrable.

Tomar Electronics

As a designer and manufacturer of emergency warning equipment for police vehicles, Tomar Electronics strives to increase their name recognition. For the past 3 years, Tomar has been selling to the federal market which makes them a highend, niche company. Tomar Electronics’ products are of high quality, made with heavy duty materials so that they are durable and ensure reliable performance. It seems that more and more government entities understand the long term value of Tomar’s equipment, so they are beginning to look at the bigger picture in terms of equipment lasting for 6-7 years.

Video Insight

Having an extremely strong presence in the education market, Video Insight helps keep approximately 4,500 schools and universities safe and secure for students, faculty, staff, visitors and volunteers with their V15, a cost-effective VMS that supports over 1,800 camera models from 80 different manufacturers and integrates with leading access control options. Video Insight is proud that their V15 is extremely cost effective, flexible and powerful.

Virtual Corporation

With Virtual Corporation it’s all about what they can do to help organizations with business continuity, resiliency, risk assessment, crisis management, etc. so that businesses can survive and function during and after business disruptions. Their main goal is to minimize losses for their clients and get them up and running as quickly as possible after the crisis has subsided. Establishing a nationally-recognized tool known as Business Continuity Maturity Model (BCMM) Virtual Corporation offers this free of charge to assist businesses in building and maintaining a sustainable business continuity program.


A stand-alone device that connects to select DLSR cameras, CamRanger offers the ability to remotely see what a camera sees from up to 150 feet away providing elevated photography and video capabilities. This enables lab technicians, crime scene specialists, forensics, police and fire departments, etc. to record video remotely as well as remotely pan and tilt the camera without the requirement of a computer or Internet connection. CamRanger was able to help after Hurricane Sandy by providing images of collapsed structures for fire fighters and engineers.

Totus Solutions

Based in Austin, Texas, TOTUS Solutions took time to showcase its award-winning LED lighting-based security platform. Integrating LED lighting, megapixel IP surveillance, multi-day media storage, and secure wireless communications in a single solution. The technology also provides a 70 percent energy savings versus conventional lighting solutions. Instead of simple passive surveillance, the Active Deterrence helps prevent and deter crime instead of just recording it while it occurs. The system recently took home a Government Security Award from our magazine in the Outdoor Lighting-Based Security Platform category.


Located in Newton, Pa., Optellios focuses on providing fiber-based security technology. One of the products showcased by the company at GovSec West included the FiberPatrol FP1100-X self-healing fence intrusion detection system. With advanced fiber-optic sensor technology, the solution is designed to serve as a fenceline perimeter monitor. Able to pinpoint the location of an intrusion attempt to within one or two fence panels. That can help activate corresponding PTZ camera presets and allow for personnel to quickly and easily be dispatched to take care of the situation. The company’s passive, all optical fiber sensors can monitor up to 10 miles of perimeter without using repeaters, processors, or other field components.

Northwestern University of Louisiana

Northwestern State University, based in Natchitoches, La., offers a number of security-related degrees, including an AA or BA in criminal justice and a master’s degree program in homeland security. The master’s program is designed to provide an analysis and understanding of the emerging challenges of globalization and the new world order of transnational security issues. The university offers a fee exemption for commissioned, full-time law enforcement personnel or public safety offers, including firefighters and EMS personnel. All degrees are available through the Internet, and out-of-state, Internet-only students pay in-state tuition rates.


One of the Texas Ambassadors at GovSec West, LENSEC is based in Houston and boasts more than 30,000 camera installations in more than 30 states. The company’s pioneering IP video management and surveillance technology creates real-time situational awareness tools designed and delivered for the web. Focusing on both functionality and user experience, the company’s solutions are used by numerous first responders and emergency security personnel. LENSEC’s Perspective VMS is designed to enable real-time collaboration among team members to share video views and text with other.

Panasonic System Communication Company

With a wide number of technology options for the government sector, Panasonic System Communication Company offered GovSec West attendees a chance to look at its products in a full-sized van on the show floor. Some of its featured products included the Toughpad JT-B1 Android-powered tablet designed to MILSTD- 810G standards and the Toughpad FZ-G1 with Windows 8 installed along with the same rugged features. On the video surveillance side, Panasonic was also highlighting its WV-SW395 PTZ network dome camera. With 360-degree endless panning, it offers a 128x wider dynamic range than conventional cameras and is also designed to survive harsh environments while maintaing clear visibility in wet conditions.

Dell Email Management

Dell’s Email Management Services focuses on providing comprehensive email security solutions to companies and other business. All inbound and outbound email is directed to a world-class cloud-based infrastructure and scans for threats based on predictive technology derived from scanning billions of emails on a daily basis. Traffic management technology limits bad network traffic while blocking unwanted email before it arrives on the network. That means less load on email servers and more bandwidth to use. Email can also be filtered for unauthorized content and images based on rules set by administrators.


Focusing on property restoration and repair after a disaster, BELFOR can respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to secure property and begin emergency services that can stabilize and minimize damage. In North America alone, BELFOR sports 120 full services offices and more than 2,000 employees. Some of its services include: emergency services, water extraction, structural drying, desiccant dehumidification, emergency board up and barrier erection, mold remediation, paper reclamation, electronics restoration, contamination control, machinery restoration, data recovery, and complete contents restoration.


A Hub Zone Contractor and Alaskan Native Corporation, KIC FM focuses on providing physical security and access control solutions to the government sector. The company offers consultation services and product recommendation for SCIF compliant applications and high-security needs. KIC can also assist with vulnerability assessment responses and security maintenance throughout a facility. KIC can help implement solutions that are FIPS 201-2 compliant. The company has offices in Washington, D.C., El Paso, Texas, Toms River, N.J., and Anchorage.

Axis Communications

One of the world’s largest providers of IP surveillance technology, it was an east choice for Axis Communications to attend GovSec West. The company’s comprehensive lines of products are used in a number of applications to protect mission-critical environments. Some of the cameras highlighted at the event include the AXIS Q60-C PTZ Dome Network Camera that can operate in heat of up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit, and the AXIS Q8721-E Dual PTZ Network camera that provides thermal detection, HDTV, and PTZ surveillance all in one package.

Heater Meals

New to GovSec West this year, Heater Meals provides self-heating meals to soldiers in a field, and those in need of food after a natural disaster or emergency. For more than 16 years, Heater Meals has worked with the U.S. Armed Forces, Red Cross, state and local emergency agencies and hospitals and other health care facilities. Each meal comes with a TRUETECH selfheating water pouch that allows the entire meal to be warmed up in 10 minutes. Heater Meals also provides Café to Go, a soup and hot beverage product line.

DRI International

DRI International attended GovSec West to promote its Certified Public Sector Continuity Professional (CPSCP) program, which has been tailored to meet the needs of individuals working in federal, state and local public sector organizations. DRI International also provides a Certified Healthcare Provider Continuity Professional (CHPCP) certification program that is specifically designed to provide business continuity, emergency management, and disaster recovery professionals an understanding of all aspects of business continuity in hospitals, clinics, medical practices, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

ERASE Enterprises

ERASE Enterprises provides Emergency Management Planning and Response Services. Each ERASE Emergency Management Plan (EMP) contains step by step response procedures, full color graphics, PowerPoint presentations and digital photography to assist their clients in both comprehension and implementation of the plan. A technical resource center at ERASE headquarters supports consultants during the development of EMP’s and during response operations by accessing thousands of databases and incident files. ERASE services are used to protect client resources throughout the United States and in the international market.


Since 1969, NAPCO has been delivering security products to the industry. Today, the company sells their products in 44 countries across the world. At GovSec West, NAPCO featured one of their latest products: the iBridge which is a new app for iPhone/ Droid and Tablet services where users can control alarms, video, temperature, lighting and locking via Z-Wave. Users can adjust any setting for their home from the convenience of their phone and/or tablet.

Anchor Audio Inc.

A leading manufacturer of portable public address sound systems, wired and wireless intercoms and lectern systems, Anchor Audio, Inc. has been in business since 1975. The demand for RoHS compliance has led to the product redesign of lead free surface mount boards. Lean manufacturing techniques make it possible to keep a safety stock of finished goods to ship on a daily basis. Manufacturing RoHS products in Carlsbad, California, Anchor supplies products to the education, commercial, government, hospitality and military sectors. Each product comes with a sixyear warranty.


Founded in 1975, Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has become a recognized leader in network solutions for fast, cost-effective, centralized security monitoring in applications of all sizes. DMP helped launch the digital communications revolution in the security industry and continues to set standards for networked intrusion, fire and access control systems. DMP research teams developed security applications for network communications early in the evolution of networking, giving DMP a depth and breadth of understanding that translates into the most advanced IPready solutions available today.

Regis University

Regis University is consistently analyzing its approach to higher education and updating classrooms and facilities. By working with faculty who have real-world experience and stay current on the latest trends in industry, as well as taking advantage of learning labs and internships, students understand how their knowledge can be applied to real world situations. There are three Regis University Colleges: Regis College, which offers liberal arts, sciences and pre-professional degrees and programs; College for Professional Studies, offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and certification programs; and Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, providing Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees as well as certificate programs.

Real-Time Technology Group

Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG) provides applications and solutions for real-time critical information management, safety and security enhancement, and business process control. Begun in 1999, we develop, implement, host and maintain advanced Web-based technologies that set new standards for efficiency, effectiveness, speed, accuracy, and overall operational excellence. RTTG delivers secure technology applications to public and private customers in a wide variety of sectors including Airports & Transportation Facilities, Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources, Healthcare, education, corrections, and more.


NITAAC is a federal Executive Agent authorized by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to administer three Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) for information technology procurement. CIO-SP3, CIO-SP3 Small Business and ECS III can be used by any federal civilian or DoD agency to acquire information technology products, services and solutions. The office is housed within HHS at the National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC).

Viscount Systems

Viscount Systems Inc. has been designing facility security systems since 1969. Viscount’s products have been installed in approximately 35,000 sites in over 30 countries and include government facilities, multi-family high-rise’s, schools, prisons, hospitals, and corporate offices. At Viscount, we pride ourselves as a consistent innovator that continues to improve the security and safety of people and property. Viscount’s products are marketed through five related business units: Freedom Access Control, Telephone Entry, Intercom & Kiosks and Electronic Signage, Visitor Management, Contingency Planning and Mobile Identification.

SecureTech Systems

SecureTech Systems uses the WAVE (Wireless Amplified Voice Equipment) instant notification system to broadcast alarms over radios. The simple, innovative concept- exhibited at GovSec West 2013-has allowed the company to use its technology to protect courts, schools and other buildings through rapid radio notification. Courthouses were the first to use the WAVE, but now schools, theatres, hospitals and municipal buildings all use it. The company, which was founded in 1994, has installed over 2,000 systems. The WAVE is particularly helpful for scenarios that require a quick reaction, such as active shooters and workplace violence.

Virtual Surveillance

Virtual Surveillance demonstrated their intelligent video surveillance and access control systems so that guests could properly understand how the company’s technology helps stop vandalism, promote staff accountability and reduce liability claims. Their video installations allow for remote viewing through smart phones and employ advanced video analytics that use face detection, object counting, unattended object detection and other features. Headquartered in Allen, TX, the company provides security installations for casinos, medical facilities, educational facilities, government, transportation and more.

Sentry 360

Business Development Manager Marisela Pantoja represented Sentry 360 at Gov- Sec West this year and spoke of the company’s panoramic technology, which features a single sensor/single lens, which promotes reliability. In addition to having a highly comprehensive panoramic product, the company also has the world’s smallest 14 megapixel camera in its portfolio. The company has grown drastically (300 percent in the last 24 months) in the last several years, and now has offices in the UK, Dubai, Turkey and the Middle East.

FutureNet Security System

Formerly known as Smith and Wesson Security Solutions, FutureNet Security Solutions exhibited a wide array of products at this year’s GovSec West. Based in Franklin, TN, the company specializes in turnkey perimeter security and vehicle barrier security. One such product FutureNet exhibited at GovSec West is the SW1700 Electric Bollard, which is an innovative drive system in the SW1700 and removes common fall points found in competitive systems. The product also includes noise reduction technology, has corrosion resistant components and only takes one day to install.


Kris Brackin, the director of business affairs at Pro-Vigil, was on site at Gov- Sec 2013 exhibiting the latest the company had to offer. Pro-Vigil offers trusted mobile security solutions that are flexible, featuring active monitoring, are built with tough, reliable equipment and continuously feature innovative components. The company has remote monitoring centers staffed with trained security professionals who provide live video surveillance to Pro-Vigil’s customers’ properties. In addition, the company has both domestic and international dispatch centers, which allows it to limit the number of night personnel, which further improves the company’s accuracy.

Firetide/Net Sales Direct

Firetide, a company that offers next generation wireless mesh technology, exhibited a variety of its new and proven products at GovSec West 2013. Firetide’s products are powered by their AutoMesh technology, which allows the company to deliver secure and reliable private wireless broadband network solutions. The company exhibited its wireless mesh nodes, wireless access points, mobility controllers, network management software and more. On site at the expo was regional sales manager Josh Parker, who mentioned that the company plans on expanding into the oil and gas vertical in the future.

Association of Contingency Planners

The North Texas Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners exhibited at GovSec West 2013. On site was secretary Dianne Stephens of RealPage, who mentioned that the North Texas Chapter of the national organization has grown steadily since 9/11 and now includes 129 members. ACP has over 2,500 members in 44 chapters across the country. The North Texas Chapter of ACP serves business professionals who work in business continuity, business resumption, contingency planning, disaster recovery and other emergency recovery functions.


Communications Supply Corporation (CSC) Security Solutions, a subsidiary of Wesco Distribution, Inc. distributes a full range of copper and fiber IP infrastructure and security products and solutions. The company discussed its product line at GovSec West 2013, which features everything from control panels, to magnetic locks, to IP cameras and more. Founded in 1971, CSC also places a large emphasis on customer service, and it features 24/7 customer service and support, technology and training education, project staging, a rapid return program, flexible financing and more.


The National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (NERRTC) of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) exhibited at GovSec West 2013. Founded in 1998, the organization helps local emergency responders and officials prepare for and respond to terrorist attacks, natural disasters, man-made accidents and more. NERRTC works with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA in attempt to stress the importance of the concept of an “all-of-nation” approach to dealing with catastrophic events. The organization also delivers training and courses in support of the DHS and FEMA.

Kinetic Energy Media

Kinetic Energy Media exhibited its 2013 Firearms & Gear Guide, which is a comprehensive guide to the latest product innovations in firearms and equipment for the law enforcement, security, personal protection, military, consumer shooter, competition shooter, hunting and outdoor markets. The company develops printed materials and circulation plans, including direct mail, catalog and magazine. The staff offers experience in marketing, merchandising and direct selling both at the strategic and tactical level as well as understanding of video production and syndication-in the studio or in the field.


Lenel provides software and integrated systems for commercial and government security markets. At GovSec West, representatives showed new features of its existing products and offered a heads up that enhancements to government compliance are soon to be released. Lenel’s security platform provides an open system that connects all the key elements of the security management puzzle. The company’s product portfolio is a comprehensive suite of applications, encompassing access control, alarm monitoring, credential management, intrusion detection, asset tracking, digital video surveillance and management, visitor management, remote administration, IT security, biometrics, mobile enterprise, IVS and smart card functionality.


In business for 27 years, D-Link has roots in networking and branched out the security sector nine years ago. And now, government and education security are two of D-Link’s strongest market segments. The company boasts it’s unique in network infrastructure, offering everything needed for a complete solution, including wireless, switching, IP surveillance, storage and network security. D-Link also touted that it’s the first company to launch a true wireless IP camera, merging two technologies.

Waldorf College

Waldorf College is a private, family-owned college, offering many military- and government-friendly degree programs in variety of subjects. The school has recently rolled out a new online bachelor’s degree program in homeland security. Other programs of interest to GovSec West attendees included fire/science administration, criminal justice and occupational safety and health. Educational Representative Carl Childs said the school has had a great response to its new homeland security program.

Ecam Secure

Representatives from Ecam Secure shared the benefits of the company’s featured product-the Solar Mobile Surveillance Unit. Company representatives Oziel Flores and Diedre Steele said the unit is ideal for a variety of applications, including construction sites, communication sites and parking garages. Flores and Steele said the biggest selling factors for the unit are its versatility and mobility. In business for 25 years, with locations all over the U.S., the company operates a UL 5-star approved command center in Gardenia, Calif.

HWH Protective Structures

On display at the booth for HWH Protective Structures was its Hazard Resistant Wall System that is designed to resist extreme weather and forced entry. The system is available as modular units, such as for uses in data centers to protect workers, and as retrofit units that can be integrated into existing structures. A video display in the booth showed how the wall system has been tested and shown to work in the field. HWH, which stands for Harrison, Walker and Harper, was established in 1887 in Paris, TX. HWH joined with Protective Technologies to produce the wall system.

AMA Security

One of the highlights in AMA Security’s booth was the Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC). New to the U.S., but a success in the U.K. and the Middle East, the IMC is a premium product that uses a clever algorithm to provide instantaneous total situational awareness and decision support. The camera features advanced facial recognition and crowd detection. A company representative said the camera is like having your best guy on CCTV watch.

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Security Today.


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