Smuggling Tunnel Discovered along Arizona-Mexico Border

Smuggling Tunnel Discovered along Arizona-Mexico Border

Tunnels have been a consistent problem along the United States Mexico border, as officials are constantly working to stop construction before contraband or people can be smuggled into the United States.

Last week during a border sweep in Nogales, Ariz., United States and Mexico federal authorities discovered Smuggling Tunnel Discovered along Arizona-Mexico Borderfreshly disturbed dirt within the channel floor of a drainage system, alerting them that something wasn’t right.

An unfinished smuggling tunnel that begins in Mexico and extends 133 feet into United States soil was found. At only 3 feet in height, from ground to ceiling, anyone traveling through the tunnel would have to crawl.

This tunnel wasn’t as elaborate as the one discovered in October 2013 between Tijuana, Mexico and California that was equipped with electricity, ventilation and a rail system.

(Photo courtesy of US Border Patrol.)

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