Retail Exit Challenges

Many retail establishments and fast-food restaurants understand the concept of placing height strip stickers on their exit door jambs to more accurately describe the height of an individual committing a crime or robbery as they quickly exit the store. However, the ability to obtain a useful facial image as they exit a retail store or bank is a challenge. Today most criminals conceal their face to prevent prosecution if apprehended and typically their face is concealed by wearing a hat or hoodie-type jacket. One industry-recognized solution to this problem employs a combination of both aspects – a height strip marker with an internal covert camera.

Historical Success

The ability to provide "face-level" video to counteract the attempts to conceal the face has been successfully proven by ATV in the past to both large and small businesses, with its analog camera covertly housed with a height strip marker. The existing analog CHVD37PB camera provided by ATV has evolved over time to incorporate D/N and DNR, adjustable pan angle to accommodate single or double doors and adjustable vertical tilt angle to ensure the correct image capture while preserving the correct height. To support various market opportunities, the camera housing provides interchangeable U.S. and metric graduated color coded height markers. The video images provided by this unique camera have assisted in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals across the U.S.

Future Imaging Requirements

As the migration to IP products continues to evolve, ATV offers a 2MP IP Height Strip that incorporates similar mechanical features to the analog version; but now offers WDR performance and expands the resolution to FULL HD resolution for higher resolution and improved video capture – all key aspects to ensure prosecution. The new IPCH2M43PB 2MP IP Height Strip is just one element of ATV's IP Solutions product line. The 2MP IP camera is currently available in national and regional distribution channels and has already proven itself to several large retailers improving facial capture and recognition capabilities at exit doors.

Ultimate Exit Door Facial Imaging Solution

The IPCH2M43PB camera offers high resolution quality video with its 2 Mega-Pixel, 1,920 x 1,080 image resolution sensor at a video frame rate of 30-ips. The camera is based on H.264 compression, incorporates a no hassle fixed 4.3mm wide angle lens and offers both PoE and 12VDC power options for easy installation. The model provides triple video streaming up to 30-ips at 1,080p resolution and a Micro-SD card slot supporting local on-board camera recording.

As with all ATV IP cameras, ONVIF Profile S compliance is guaranteed and is complemented with ATV's powerful ATVision IP® Remote Management Software offered license-free (no cost) and featuring video monitoring, playback, recording, setup, PTZ control, system up-grade, MAP integration and multi-site system health monitoring.

About the Author

Keith Shaver is vice president of marketing and sales with Advanced Technology Video.

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