Q & A with PSA and Design Electronics about Casino Security in 2014

Q & A with PSA and Design Electronics about Casino Security in 2014

Q & A with PSA and Design Electronics about Casino Security in 2014Recently PSA Security Network sat down with Lorne Bjorgan, president of Design Electronics, to discuss the hot topics and trends in Casino Security for 2014.

PSA Security Network: What are the hot new trends you see in the casino security industry?

Design Electronics: One of the more recent popular trends is upgrading to HD resolutions. Full integration of the cameras into the recording software program, including failover backup recording to internal memory within the cameras and the transition to virtual matrix switching at the monitoring stations, is a new trend now that the latency times have improved so much.

PSA Security Network: What challenges does this vertical present that makes it unique?

Design Electronics: The casino industry is known for its massive amounts of red tape, special licensing and extremely strict security clearance for all employees involved in the project. In addition, 24/7 service and support as well as rapid on-site response times are always a necessity.

PSA Security Network: How do you keep your staff trained on new products and certifications?

Design Electronics: Our certified technicians routinely utilize online training resources in addition to attending in-class manufacturer training sessions. To ensure the information we receive is accurate and up-to-date, we only work with accredited manufacturers and organizations like PSA. To complement the theory learned in the class environment, we also purchase demo equipment for practical training and testing at our facilities. This ensures our technicians and engineers have a complete understanding of the technologies we specify and integrate for our clients.

PSA Security Network: How do you stay informed on changing technology so that you can provide the most effective security solution to your customers?

Design Electronics: We keep up-to-date with changing technology by reading through industry trade magazines, viewing webinars and attending trade shows like PSA-TEC.  TEC is an annual event that includes hundreds of hours of education (including certifications) as well as numerous networking opportunities. Our relationships with our key manufacturer partners and reps incorporate regular meetings and product demos. This has proven to be the most effective tactic over the years.

PSA Security Network: How has the interaction between integrators and IT departments changed over the past few years?

Design Electronics: Casino properties generally have dedicated surveillance departments which tend to be our main point of contact; however, there is definitely a convergence happening in the security industry with IT. As such, there is always some interface with IT departments to ensure that the electronics solution will integrate well within their infrastructure. The relationship continues to grow between our industries, with the migration of analog to IP surveillance systems almost completely relying on a solid IT infrastructure to function

PSA Security Network: What issues are prevalent in the casino security compared to other markets?

Design Electronics: A large factor can be data overload. In addition to large amounts of surveillance footage, there are multiple databases from independent departments that need to be correlated into concise and intelligent data. New integrated systems provide a way to retrieve and review video based on user-defined events like alarms and POS transactions, and video content analysis. As threats become more sophisticated, the casino industry will stay in advance of potential law breakers through the use of intelligent surveillance systems that are both interoperable with other systems and leverage video analytics.

PSA Security Network: How have cloud-based solutions altered the solutions that you offer?

Design Electronics: Cloud-based systems are not an option for the casino and gaming industry.  All data is kept under strict confidence and control. All recorded data remains on premise or within the hands of trained professionals.

About the Author

Lorne Bjorgan is the president of Design Electronics.

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