Pacom Unison Launches In The American Market

Pacom Systems recently announced the launch of Pacom Unison into the American market.

Unison is an open, product-agnostic security management platform designed for campus organizations. It integrates access control, intrusion detection, video, fire and intercom into a single intuitive user interface – making it suitable for prisons, airports, universities, hospitals and other market segments which demand rich system integration within a single large facility.

Unison’s ability to unify different technologies, systems and applications into one simple common interface presents a unique value proposition. With a focus on simplicity and user friendliness, Unison is also characterized by a deep integration with various subsystems which makes the commissioning process considerably easier and leads to more cost effective installations. The open architecture enables simple and rapid driver development for third party applications and can therefore be customized to the clients' specific requirements.

Unison is progressively being introduced into new geographical regions as a phased global launch plan. It was originally launched into the Nordic region over 3 years ago and has quickly established itself as the preferred security management solution amongst some of the world’s most recognizable companies.

A Focus on the End User

One of the most appealing traits of Unison to an end user is that it offers choice of which hardware and applications to use – irrespective of manufacturer. This flexibility, combined with the strong integration that exists between all the subsystems, ensures maximum value and operational efficiencies.

Unison boasts a slick, modern, role-based Graphical User Interface. With standard Windows conventions and controls, Unison’s unrivalled usability enables operators to easily search, bulk-update and report on data across all modules with minimal training.

A Focus on the Installer

Unison includes a multitude of smart functions that were developed for the installer to reduce commissioning time and ultimately deliver cost-savings to the end user.

In addition to supporting silent (unattended) installations and the auto-discovery of hardware panels, Unison offers a powerful one-click function that uploads the entire configuration from the selected subsystem. For alarm or fire systems that typically have hundreds or even thousands of points, this function dramatically reduces the time that would traditionally be spent manually programming each object.

Unison’s unique CAD import wizard intelligently links the CAD drawing symbols with system devices during the import process – saving significant amounts of time that would otherwise be spent importing and programming devices one at a time and positioning them in the appropriate location on a site plan.

A Focus on the Software Developer

Unison has been engineered to keep pace with emerging technologies and cater to bespoke applications. The .net architecture ensures rapid driver development and the advanced design ensures that drivers and plugins can be easily added and updated without impacting on the core system. Drivers can be developed in-house (i.e. by Pacom) or via a third party and Unison’s intelligent macros and ‘expressions’ enable cross-linking of all the subsystems. A range of different development tools exist to enable integration using native protocols or via open standards such as OPC, ONVIF and Modbus.

“Pacom Unison is another example of Stanley Security’s commitment to delivering innovative technologies to the security industry.” stated Brett Bontrager, Senior Vice President & Group Executive, Stanley Security Solutions, for Stanley Black & Decker. “The open nature of the Unison product makes it a major differentiator with a powerful value proposition to the commercial, industrial, education and healthcare markets. We are looking forward to launching Unison to our Pacom Value Added Resellers throughout the Americas."

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