Thieves Roping Security Cameras

Thieves Roping Security Cameras

Security camera manufacturers should consider selling insurance policies to customers to protect their investment, especially if they live in Newark, Ohio, where a couple of bandits are roping them.

Over the past four weeks, at least 11 security cameras have been roped and pulled down from the exterior of 5 different businesses around the city. But, these little $50 to $120 investments did their job by capturing the images of at least 2 of these roping bandits.

The more creative of the two culprits a younger white male wearing a “hoodie,” with a bandana tied around his face, tosses a rope over a camera housing, tugs the ends of the loop and successfully pulls the camera down. The second suspect is described as an older white male with long hair who is riding a bicycle with a wagon attached to the back.

According to Sgt. Paul Davis of the Newark Police Department, many people fit these descriptions so capturing these people seems to be a difficult task.

One of the victims, Frank Johnson of Johnson Appliance thinks this is simply crazy.

“The very thing you put up to try to protect yourself and it backfires on you. I feel very violated.”

Johnson has taken a proactive approach to coping with this situation. He has spoken with other businesses as well as checked with area pawn shops and perused online sites to see if the stolen cameras have been discarded. But, overall Johnson is worried about violence being generated from these acts.

“Somebody is going to roll up on one of these guys and it’s going to get violent.”

While violence is a valid concern, I would warn businesses to be on guard for potential break-ins and robberies, too. It seems like these roping bandits are setting up the perfect stage to carry out these acts without getting caught.

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