Surveillance Cameras Allegedly Caught Teacher Grabbing Student

Surveillance Cameras Allegedly Caught Teacher Grabbing Student

Riverdale School kindergarten teacher Barb Williams has been placed on 10 days unpaid leave from her teaching duties in Ohio after allegedly picking up one of her students and shaking him, then picking him up again by his shirt and what appears to be snapping his head back.

The boy, age 6, Ian Nelson, appeared on surveillance video walking to the boys’ restroom and upon leaving was grabbed by the teacher, who appears to be looking for him.

In the video, it appears that Williams grabs the boy’s face and shirt, raising him off the ground, then repeats her performance again.

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Williams has been at the school for 14 years and is suspended until summer break. The school has filed reports with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Job and Family Services.

While not much has been said by the school district, or the teacher, the video pretty much says it all. The police have opened an investigation but wouldn’t say anything else.

Ian’s mother, Autumn Nelson, said watching the video broke her heart to see her child be harmed by a complete stranger.

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