Kwikset Becomes Preferred Lock Supplier for Protection 1

Kwikset has announced that the company has been named the preferred lock vendor for Protection 1, a full-service business and home security company in the U.S.

Kwikset Becomes Preferred Lock Supplier for Protection 1As a result, Kwikset's SmartCode Deadbolt locks with Home Connect technology will be installed in all Protection 1 turnkey security solutions where an electronic “smart” lock is being utilized.  Kwikset offers a wide range of SmartCode Deadbolt locks with Home Connect technology, based on customers’ individual preferences for security, functionality and visual appeal.

The decision by Protection 1 to develop a preferred vendor arrangement with a smart lock manufacturer like Kwikset was driven by the changing nature of the home security space.

"Home security is no longer just a keypad on the wall that lets you know when someone is trying to break in," said Jay Robertson, vice president of marketing for Protection 1. "Customers are now more interested in an integrated, home automation package in which security is just one of many core capabilities.

"In order to evolve in this space, we knew we needed to offer a high-quality, Z-Wave-based electronic lock as part of our overall package," he added. "As a recognized leader in the door lock space, Kwikset is certainly capable of providing that solution."

The specific choice of Kwikset was based on a variety of functional and aesthetic factors, according to Robertson. 

"The SmartKey feature of the Kwikset SmartCode locks -- which allows homeowners to re-key their locks without a locksmith's services -- was a major factor," he said. "That feature really sets Kwikset apart from competitive offerings. 

"Aesthetically, they're also very striking residential locks. They offer the advanced technology that homeowners want without taking away from the modern look or elegance of an attractive door lock."

Keith Brandon, director of residential access solutions for Kwikset, believes this new partnership will provide significant benefits to Protection 1 customers.

"Often there is a need to let someone into your house when you’re not home, whether it's a family member, a friend, a caregiver, or service provider," said Brandon. "The Kwikset SmartCode lock, in conjunction with a Protection 1 system, will provide homeowners with the ability to control access to their home in a way they couldn't before.

"Also, being able to lock and unlock your door with a smartphone is important, given how prevalent smartphones have become in our everyday lives. The bottom line is Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt locks will enhance the security of the Protection 1 security system while making home access and control far more convenient."

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