Security Stunt Pulled by Australian Politician in Parliament

Security Stunt Pulled by Australian Politician in Parliament

While much of the United States was celebrating Memorial Day with their family and friends on Monday, May 26th, Australian Senator Bill Heffernan, a 71-year-old wheat farmer, felt it his duty to smuggle explosives into parliament to prove that the $1 billion building is facing a rising security risk.

Heffernan nonchalantly reached into his bag and pulled out a pipe bomb while articulating that he “brought this through security” as onlookers gasped under their breaths.

This demonstration was brought on by the fact that hundreds of MPs, senators, and political and departmental staff are no longer required to be scanned by metal detectors or have their bags checked. All of this in an effort to save money, speed up entry and allow internal security staff to be in other areas of the building. But, at what risk?

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