US Patent and Trademark Office Issues Patent to AtHoc

AtHoc, Inc. announced it has been awarded a patent centered on the use of mobile alerting and safeguarding information security throughout the alerting cycle. The patent, formally titled “Mobile Alerting System Using Distributed Notification Delivery,” was filed in November 2010. AtHoc customers have been using this invention to advance their preparedness, response and resumption during emergency situations since 2011.

The patent was awarded to the inventors, AtHoc’s Chief Executive Officer Guy Miasnik and Chief Technology Officer Aviv Siegel.

With the technology, Miasnik and Siegel created high system resiliency for emergency communications in times of crises. For the first time, organizations were given the ability to securely issue alerts from a mobile device in the event of internal network failure while safeguarding personally identifiable information behind their firewall.

By synchronizing the information on the servers housed onsite to secure mobile devices and transiently transmitting it in an encrypted manner to distributed delivery systems, alerts can be initiated in the event of a crisis in a secure manner from anywhere, and personnel can be contacted regardless of the network they are using. Until Miasnik and Siegel’s invention, organizations had only two suboptimal options – either house the information onsite and conduct the communications process via the internal network, or store the information offsite using a third-party’s external system for communications. The first compromised their ability to communicate during a catastrophic failure and the latter exposed sensitive data beyond their control.

“By making our alerting system resilient, AtHoc further helps our customers protect their people and business operations during times of crisis,” said Miasnik. “We have always invested heavily in research and development, and this patent award reflects our unwavering commitment to make our customers successful in their safety and security mission.”

“The impact this technology has on ensuring the safety and protection of personnel in the field cannot be overstated,” said Siegel. “This secure, mobile method of delivering essential information during crisis situations has saved lives, reduced injury and protected property during crisis situations experienced by our customers over the last few years. We are proud to assist their efforts and pledge to continue innovating to keep up with the ever changing dynamics related to life safety and security.”

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