IRONCLAD Provides Solar Farms with Complete Perimeter Security Solution

As RBtec Perimeter Security Systems marks nearly 30 years of designing, manufacturing and providing advanced perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), the company is proud to announce yet another successful partnership: a full-service, renewable energy company that develops and operates solar energy stations on commercial, not-for-profit and public client sites (buildings/land) across the USA.

Recently this energy company won the tender for building and operating 7 solar farms across New England.

IRONCLAD Provides Solar Farms across New England Complete Perimeter Security SolutionIt looked for a company that can provide effective perimeter security systems for its solar farms. The company sought for a solution that will prevent strangers from entering the restricted areas, thus obstructing criminals such as copper thieves or saving innocent from high voltage danger.

The energy company’s chosen security contractor approached RBtec asking for a PIDS solution with 3 main concerns on their mind: the solution needs to be easy, reliable and affordable but not at the cost of quality. RBtec’s IRONCALD perimeter protection kit was the perfect solution.

The IRONCLAD is an armored passive vibration cable fully wrapped by steel mesh. It is specifically designed for outdoor installation such as chain link fence, welded mesh fence and razor coil or concertina coil. The IRONCLAD comes in a ready for installation kits, no training or special tools needed. The sensor cable can be adjusted to the required length of detection zone: it comes in spools of 250ft (75m), 500ft (150m) and 1000ft (300m). Each Analyzer can control up to 2 zones which means the largest perimeter that can be covered with 1 kit is 2000ft (600m). In order to cover larger perimeter the IRONCLAD kits can be combined as many as needed.

The IRONCLAD detects intrusion by algorithm analysis of typical vibration frequency made by a forced entry attempt. There are 11 levels of sensitivity per zone that can be adjusted to costumer’s request. Furthermore, the system can recognize intrusion attempts while ignoring signals caused by weather conditions. These three layers of alarm filtration (detection algorithm, sensitivity setting & weather compensation) make the IRONCLAD a highly reliable system, such that produces extreme low false alarms.

Due to its easy installation, low maintenance and the simplicity of the IRONCLAD, the pricing of the sensor cable is affordable. The client can secure his entire perimeter in a tight budget without compromising on quality. More so, RBtec grants a 2-year warranty on sensor cable.

RBtec was able to carry out another requirement when the IRONCLAD was integrated to CCTV system provided by the main contractor. Therefore, the reliable IRONCLAD was enhanced with remote long-distance monitored cameras.

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