David Working with Goliath

It's a story tried and true. The little guy takes on the big guy, or gal, and probably doesn't come out the winner. However, you might recall the story of David and Goliath and how it turned out - the small guy wins.

Maybe that scenario is about to play out again as SightLogix, a manufacturer of mart thermal camera systems has signed a partner agreement with Axis Communications. The premise of the partnership is to leverage the intrusion detection of SightLogix SightSensor thermal cameras with the established manufacturers and suppliers of video surveillance hardware and software.

"The beauty of our strategic partner program for Axis Communications is in its simplicity," said Frank DeFina, executive vice president of sales and marketing at SightLogix. "The partnership is perfect. The biggest IP camera company, which is best of breed has joined with us, and we also are best of breed. The winner is the end user, and for us it is all about the end user and helping solver their problems."

At a press event Monday evening, DeFina outlined one strategic facet of the alliance. Both companies sell cameras, but each have a different defined specialty in the complete video surveillance package. Axis covers the interior, DeFina said, while SightLogix works out on the perimeter.

"They (SightLogix) take advantage of our best-in-industry smart thermal detection capabilities, and we help them build a new revenue stream where none previously existed," DeFina said.

John Romanowich, president, CEO and founder of SightLogix has been building technology companies for the past two decades. The thermal camera has been a target for perimeter security applications, some of which are not known to the public because of that end users sensitive company mission.

"We asked our team at SightLogix what we might be missing on any particular job," Romanowich said at a Monday evening media event. "More than 70 percent of the time, it was Axis Communications, and their IP camera line. I believe this partnership is a compelling story."

Axis has performed well globally in performance and reliability, said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager at Axis Communications. He said this is exactly what is needed for both mainstream and innovative professional security applications.

"Partnering with SightLogix is a natural fit," Nilsson said. It brings together the performance and capabilities of superior IP video and thermal intrusion detection. This partnership provides a comprehensive solution to best meet the needs of customers."

Quickly, the commonality emerges from the alliance. Both companies are determined to reward the end user with high-quality products right now.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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