A Great End to a Busy Day at ASIS 2014

For those of you who know me, I'm a foodie at heart! I love experiencing new flavors and flavor combinations, but the magical component of sharing a meal with someone is how food brings people together, whether they naturally mesh or not. Sharing food with people has a way of breaking down barriers and allowing people to just be themselves in conversation and human togetherness. I had the privilege of experiencing this tonight at ASIS 2014 with Sony at The Spence in Atlanta.

Throughout the day, Sony demonstrated its SNC-VB632D, a day/night, IP, outdoor bullet camera that is outdoor compliant. It features a dual lighting system with an IR illuminator and a white LED illuminator, enabling the configuration to automatically switch from IR black and white mode to LED color mode when motion is detected. Clear video is generated in dark conditions in black and white or color.

Kenichi Mori, director of marketing and product management, said, "Having both illuminators integrated into the camera is a unique feature that saves users' money on equipment and installation."

By night, Sony was the host of a dinner for security media professionals as a way to develop close, personal relationships. I actually sat next to Mori during dinner, and I must say, he's one cool person with an amazing mind, full of intelligence.

Mori, originally from Tokyo, has lived in New Jersey for about 2 years now. With the presence of food, I had to ask him about his favorite American food. He pondered throughout the whole dinner of pimento cheese puffs and oysters on the half shell, a Caesar salad of kale with a fresh and tangy lemon dressing, flaky fish with just the right amount of crust with sides like sweet crème brulee corn, complete with a harden sugar crust and homemade French fries.

It was during dessert that I learned of Mori's favorite American food. Served family style, I jumped into the coffee ice cream served with a blondie brownie drizzled with caramel.

The combination of flavors created an irresistible experience on my pallet! Mori looked over at me and with questioning eyes he asked, "Is it good?"

With my best Texas accent, I replied, "Oh honey, I just had an explosion in my mouth!"

With a funny look, he said, "Really?!" as he quickly grabbed his spoon and dove in for the same type of bite I had just had.

As soon as the flavors filled his mouth, Mori nodded and said, "mmmmm."

When he had finished chewing, I ask, "Well, what do you think?"

He matter-of-factly replied, "My mouth didn't explode, but it was very good."

Again, food just has a way of bringing people together.

About the Author

Ginger Hill is Group Social Media Manager.

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