Napco Security Systems Continental Access Alarm Lock and Marks USA Exhibit Solutions at ASIS 2014

Napco Security Technologies, Inc., Continental Access, Alarm Lock and Marks USA recently exhibited at the ASIS show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA from September 29 to October 2, 2014 with over 20,000 security professionals from 80 countries in attendance. Napco featured products and solutions that meet and exceed the market demands for security, connectivity, locking and access control. They offer a full suite of advanced security solutions that not only protect but help risk and security directors manage building occupants, physical and personal property, saving both time and money.

ArchiTech Designer Wireless Access Control Platform: Architech Series Networx Locks are an ideal access control solution – blending advanced wireless access control convenience within any decor in an infinitely customizable designer locking form factor and in choice of trims and finishes.  Ideal in standalone, networked or enterprise class applications, durable Grade 1 access locks are ideal for every application: educational, hospitals, corporate or multi-dwelling residential settings. They offer emergency lock-down/unlock option via lock, button, keyfob or server. Future-proof multi-technology access ID credentials replace cumbersome keys. Architech Series Networx Locks can be used to control access a door at a time across a wireless network, or as an integral part of a new or existing enterprise security system spanning a few or thousands of doors.

School Security Lock Down Solutions: Napco Security Technologies, Marks USA, Alarm Lock, and Continental Access offer LocDown security solutions for every type of educational building and door used in a growing list of K12 and college campuses nationwide. Economically lock down a classroom from inside at the first sign of trouble while faculty and students remain safely within the classroom. There’s no need to open the door with Marks Mechanical Lock Solution; the exterior lever is disabled by operating the interior lock cylinder, a lock-down indicator provides peace-of-mind it's active. Alarm Lock electronic access locks can be locked-down inside the classroom with a button or keyfob, or a network of locks can be locked-down from any one lock or the server in just seconds. Keyless locks use ID cards or digital codes and provide a time-/date-stamped audit trail log of activities and users, and scheduled automatic locking or unlocking at specific times & days. For School-/Campus-Wide Enterprise Security, Access & Video with Real-Time Threat Level Management, Continental Access CA3000 Software is a scalable interoperable solution for a few doors to multiple sites, combining access control, visitor management, badging, video, video recording, intrusion and fire alarms as well as access locks on doors. Napco is also the creator of SAVI, the Security Access-Control Vulnerability Index and whitepaper, designed to help objectively evaluate a school’s vulnerability. For more information on SAVI or to download the free school security SAVI white paper visit

Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx Scalable and Networkable Keyless Locking Solution: Trilogy Networx Wireless Access Locks, the foundation for the new ARCHITECH locking platform, eliminate door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval by communicating wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G, while providing all the popular original Trilogy standalone lock’s functionality. They provide a quick, easy, economical access system with advanced features & functions, like automatic schedules, event logs and support for 2000 doors and 5000 existing Prox. ID Cards/Badges, but with no wires to run, and no access panels or power supplies to buy or install. At its simplest, it’s one Grade 1 durable wireless lock per door, installed in about an hour, all communicating to a single Gateway (each gateway controls up to 63 locks), networked to any non-dedicated Windows-based PC.

Continental Enterprise Integrated Solutions for Alarms, Access Control, Locks and Video: The Continental Enterprise Security System offers security and risk managers a complete solution that combines access, video, intrusion and fire alarms, and locking. Its open architecture and scalability allows the system to grow, expand and retrofit as needed.

Marks USA Anti-Ligature Lifesafety Locking Solution: Marks USA Custom Lock Division has developed ANSI Grade 1 Institutional Life Safety Locksets to address Managed Liability, Accident Prevention, Life Safety and Security in Behavioral Health Care Institutions. The shape and construction of the 5SS55 & 5SS19 Series locksets are designed to restrict the attachment of lines, laces, etc. to door knobs and levers. In addition, with the knobs/levers recessed into the rosettes, the chance of capturing a line between the knob/lever and rosette is substantially eliminated.

Napco Commercial Fire & Intrusion Systems with Commercial Wireless Fire and Fire Alarms: Napco Commercial Platform simultaneously supports UL Commercial Wireless, addressable & conventional devices, from 32 to 255 points of addressable, conventional or wireless protection, ideal for cost-effective system upgrades, retrofits and new installs, plus fire watch mitigation. Napco Commercial Systems offer competitive advantages – like flexible retrofit system deployment or upgrades in any building construction, network and cellular reporting options, and more value-adds and power built-in onboard. Field proven to outperform others, its Commercial Grade UL Wireless Fire is reliable, and goes the distance; easy to use, menu driven keypads, and intelligent addressable fire with true 24V operation, and outstanding code compliance, also make it an increasingly popular commercial solution.

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