Sensera Systems Introduces MultiSense MC-60 Cloud Camera

Sensera Systems — built to deliver world-class products and solutions for integrated remote sensing and imaging in construction, security, industrial automation, agriculture, and law enforcement — has introduced its MC-60 Cloud Camera to the security industry. Sensera Systems Introduces MultiSense MC-60 Cloud Camera

The MC-60 Cloud Camera is the first camera to incorporate IP connectivity, cellular and Wi-Fi, and high resolution still and video imaging, said Sensera Systems President David Gaw. The MC-60 is the latest in Sensera Systems’ products operating on a patent-pending MultiSense platform that is solar powered and wireless to effect ease-of-use and cost efficiency for the end user. The MultiSense platform is expected to drive broader adoption of remote sensing, Machine to Machine (M2M), and Internet of Things (IoT) applications across a broad range of markets.

“The MC-60 was designed from the start for solar and wireless operation,” said Gaw. “This platform has enabled cost points that are less than half of comparable solar-powered camera solutions currently used in the market.”

What makes Sensera Systems most valuable to the security market is the introduction of the Web application provided with the MultiSense Cloud Service, said Gaw.

“This service provides a 100 percent web-based graphical interface for viewing data and controlling cameras from any desktop or mobile platform,” said Gaw. “This system does not require programming and there is no need for software to be installed or maintained.”

Sensera Systems has also brought the security market data logging and control, a wireless sensor interface with an integrated solar-powered system for a no-wires operation. As technology and business experts, the founders of Sensera Systems have pioneered some of the first widely-deployed telemetry M2M applications and continue to top the market with innovative solutions.

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