Punishment for Tsarnaev: Life incarcerated or the Death Penalty?

Punishment for Tsarnaev: Life incarcerated or the Death Penalty?

I would hate to be Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Not only would I have the blood on my hands of the innocent victims in which I reined terror upon that will never wash away, but I would be showing up in court today to witness the United States judicial process first hand, with me as the “star.” Tsarnaev’s “paparazzi,” better known as media outlets, have swarmed the front doors of Moakley courthouse, positioning their cameras up against the metal barricade that blocks people from getting too close. I guess they all want to be the first to get a real glance at him. Personally, I think Tsarnaev is evil incarnate and who really wants to see that?

So far, Tsarnaev has been described as a “21-year-old, his hair long and curly, with no expression on his face” “dressed in khakis and a dark shirt” as the judge asked him to stand during the morning and afternoon sessions of choosing jurors. It has also been said that when he was introduced to the potential jurors, he showed “little emotion.” This makes me wonder what emotion he did show. Just what IS going through Tsarnaev’s mind?

Tsarnaev faces 30 charges and with 17 of them comes the possibility of the death penalty. But, is that really enough? Nothing can bring back the deceased, not even killing the killer. And, the injured, well, they will live with their scars for the rest of their lives whether physical, emotional or both.

Here’s something I’ve learned about terrorists over the past few years of being in the security industry: Terrorists love death. They LOVE it! When a terrorist kills, he or she is looked upon as a martyr by the others in their terrorist community. “Wow, what a great honor,” they are led to believe.

So, what should happen to Tsarnaev? His acts were terroristic in nature and if he gets the death penalty, will his family and others from his community honor him as a martyr? Or, would it be more of a punishment to Tsarnaev if he was convicted and sentenced to rot away incarcerated?

I leave this to you, the reader, to ponder and comment on. Death penalty or life incarcerated for the Boston Marathon bomber?

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Ginger Hill is Group Social Media Manager.

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