HD-COAXINATOR and the Legendary SecurityTronix 24/7/365 Support

HD-COAXINATOR and the Legendary SecurityTronix 24/7/365 Support

2014 brought fresh game-changing innovation to the CCTV industry for the first time in decades. SecurityTronix introduced an affordable technology to simplify transmission of high-definition (HD) video over simple RG59 coaxial cable. Installers can now offer HD video to clients for roughly the same cost as typical analog gear, but with superior results. The most impressive benefits are the ability to use existing coax infrastructure and system installation techniques without IP/IT knowledge.

SecurityTronix led the charge into this new frontier with the development of the HD-COAXINATOR video surveillance solution. The HD-COAXINATOR line delivers on the promise of high-definition video at low price points with an ease of installation that cannot be achieved with any previously available platform. The solution consists of HD, stand-alone recorders and HD bullet and dome cameras which utilize a unique proprietary communication protocol, HD-CVI, which is capable of pushing signal upwards of 2,000 feet over coax.

Other competing platforms introduced in early 2014, HD-TVI and AHD, claimed to offer similar benefits as the HD-CVI technology which drives the HD-COAXINATOR products. On paper they seem equivalent; however, not all HD-over-coax technologies are created equal.

“There are various disconnected HD-TVI and AHD products being produced by a number of factories and component suppliers…some of which perform only a portion of the functions of the HD-COAXINATOR series, and all of which fall short of the distance the HD-COAXINATOR can push,” explained SecurityTronix Product Line Manager, Jennifer Kern.  “The challenge was to develop a product line with components which are 100% compatible with each other to ensure the best possible end-user experience – Easy HD without IP”.

The “Easy HD without IP” mission led to in-depth testing of countless samples and technologies from all HD-over-coax platforms to determine which platform would best serve the customers of SecurityTronix. SecurityTronix Lead CCTV Technician, Travis Perry summarized the endeavor: “We found that not all equipment of the same type is compatible with each other. For example, CoC, or Control-over -Coax protocols are not always supported, and there was a vast inconsistency or incompatibility on the OSD between various vendors. A platform was not selected until we could certify all products within the line would seamlessly communicate.”

Another issue addressed during development of the HD-COAXINATOR line was the need for mature stable software and mobile app platforms for access and control of the system.

“After months of development, we now have a strong lineup that is second to none,” added Kern. “We started with 720p and are expanding to include cameras and recorders with 1080p resolution, Tribrid HD-CVI recorders capable of using analog and IP cameras, high-resolution PTZ cameras which utilize the CoC protocols to eliminate the need for running RS485 cables, and world-class software and mobile apps to tie it all together. Even though the installation should be as simple as analog, we still back all of our installers with our award-winning, 24/7, CCTV support team.”

The end result is an advanced, cohesive and affordable line that delivers superior results, and straightforward installation that does not require an IP expert.

Installation and operation of the HD-COAXINATOR is simple and stress-free. Call the SecurityTronix Technical Support Team immediately should additional assistance be needed as we start helping right after the first ring. We have experts for HD-COAXINATOR, analog and IP product lines so installers will not suffer through unskilled or inexperienced “phone clerks” reading from a script.

The SecurityTronix Tech Support team operates from Pennsylvania and Nevada to keep SecurityTronix customers covered during business hours. Furthermore, the SecurityTronix technical support team is on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to offer assistance with our after-hours help line. SecurityTronix wants to make certain installers are never left without help in the event of complications or questions with any equipment from the SecurityTronix product line at any hour.

About the Author

Jake Blake is tech ops manager of the SecurityTronix CCTV product line.

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