IC Real Tech 720-view Immersive Video Camera Sensation at CES

At last week’s ICES in Las Vegas, IC Real Tech captivated consumer electronics press and show attendees alike with the world-debut of their 720-view ALLIE video cameras. From fascination about the form-factors of the ALLIE Pro, Home and Play models, to excitement of their immersive 360-degrees horizontal by 360-degrees vertical fields-of-view, these video monitoring cameras received international acclaim, with many correspondents and bloggers singing their praises as Virtual Reality cameras.

ALLIE (pronounced all-ee, like “selfie”) are dual-lens megapixel video cameras that stream captured video in high-definition to iPads, iPhones and Android devices via the Wi-Fi network. Along with the use of motion tracking technologies and IC Real Tech’s proprietary App, each of the new cameras deliver a seamless experience wherein the user can fluidly view from floor-to-ceiling and completely around the camera itself -- even zoom and freeze images -- all without any blind spots or distortion. Monitoring is achieved by either panning the mobile device in the desired direction or simply navigating the screen by finger touch.

Each of the ALLIE cameras are compact and sit stationary; all are free of any moving parts. Because they are portable and have a built-in rechargeable battery along with SD card digital storage, users can make immersive videos anywhere they desire.

In addition to being covered by today’s top consumer tech / gadgets websites including TechCrunch, The Verge, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, ubergizmodo, Crowdfunding News and more, ALLIE made Reuters’ Best of CES list. The cameras also received the Consumer Electronics Associations Mark of Excellence award, and were honored in both the Digital Imaging and SmartHome sections of the CES Innovations Awards showcase.

According to IC Real Tech CEO Matt Sailor, the company received several hundred requests from press and analysts around the world, all excited to try-out the ALLIE cameras.

“The really interesting thing here is that nearly everyone we spoke with at the show -- whether press, consumer, buyer or analyst -- had a different application in mind about how they envision the cameras could be used,” said Sailor. “Beyond the obvious home surveillance, discussions included use in drones, planes, autos, boats, TV broadcasting, Hollywood studio audience testing, musical events and more.

“A lot of the gamer-types were really excited about exploring using the cameras with Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and ZEISS VR One, to name but a few. That’s the beauty of what IC Real Tech has created with this technology – it’s for whatever you could imagine it for.”

Three different versions of ALLIE will make their way to market this year:

  • ALLIE Pro - 26-megapixel, sleek-looking camera for the professional security market that takes the place of multiple security cameras (MSRP $3,000).
  • ALLIE Home - an elegantly-designed camera for the DIY homeowner (MSRP $399).
  • ALLIE Play - a playful-looking version shaped like a rocket ship for the kid’s room (MSRP $399).

(The Pro will become available for sale March 2015; the Home and Play will be available for sale later in the year.)

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