Pelco by Schneider Electric Sets New Standard

Pelco by Schneider Electric announced the release of its new, powerful and cost-effective Pelco Spectra Professional Range high speed PTZ dome camera. The new Spectra Professional series integrates a variety of valuable features, including a high resolution camera, built-in analytics, durable construction and a powerful zoom lens. With this addition to the Spectra family of cameras, Pelco provides users with high-end hardware and software at an affordable price point, building on the company’s commitment to being IP-driven, customer-focused.

“The Spectra name has remained an industry-leading solution for more than 15 years, with its superior high speed dome systems, making it a definitive piece of any security installation,” said Craig Dahlman, director of IP camera products, Schneider Electric, Pelco Video Line of Business. “With industry-defining features, the Spectra Professional series continues to set the benchmark for quality, performance and reliability at a value that Pelco customers have come to expect.”

Now with a Full HD 1080p camera, the Spectra Professional series is an ideal solution for a variety of applications, such as commercial and industrial security, citywide surveillance, securing correctional facilities, and monitoring of traffic or casino gaming. Camera features include:

Exceptional image quality: Spectra Professional systems come standard with a Full HD 1920 x 1080p camera to provide operators with detailed video monitoring of an area under surveillance. The camera’s 20x zoom captures identifying information and ensures that security personnel can see colors, lettering, license plates and other critical details at impressive distances. The combination of the 1080p imager and 20x zoom lens can place more pixels on target than a standard definition camera with 36x optical zoom.

Built-in analytics: Spectra Professional systems come preloaded with two Pelco video analytics features including, “Motion Detection” and “Camera Sabotage.” These features can be configured and enabled using a standard Web browser and are compatible with Pelco’s Endura and Digital Sentry systems, as well as third party systems through the Pelco API.

Durable construction: Environmental models of the Spectra Professional series are designed to endure extreme weather conditions and unsolicited tampering. The construction of this system has received an IK10 rating based on its ability to withstand up to a 20 joule impact without damaging the camera or affecting video quality.

Fast and reliable pan/tilt: The new pan/tilt drive of the Spectra Professional system improves on previous generations from the Spectra family and can now pan around an area at up to 430 degrees per second and with a 0.1 degree accuracy. The reliable pan/tilt capabilities ensure complete and timely video capture of critical surveillance areas.

Power over Ethernet-Plus (PoE+) compatibility: Non-environmental Spectra Professional cameras are now capable of operating over IP networks with adherence to the 802.3 at PoE+ network standard. PoE+ provides data and power connections in one cable, allowing both streams to be transmitted without the need of separate cables. The latest PoE+ standard has the capability to provide enough power over the network for full functionality of PTZ cameras.

In addition to delivering unsurpassed image quality with the latest development of new cameras, lenses and imaging technology, Spectra provides a simple upgrade path to migrate from Spectra IV and Spectra IV IP to the Full HD Spectra Professional.

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